My Favourite Spring Scents With Scent Republik*

Tuesday 19 March 2019

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Spring scents can be hard to pinpoint especially here in the UK as the weather constantly changes. Which inevitably changes our fashion choices and mood. So how does it sound having fragrances in a swipeable stick which you can layer up and change to how your moods take you?

I am always on the lookout for exciting beauty brands to try. Something that's a little different to what's already out there on the market, and products I know you guys would love to hear about too.

scent republik scent stik review

That is when I discovered Scent Republik; mood-related, layerable fragrances stored in marker pen like bottles. They're cruelty-free, vegan, made in the UK, and have no parabens, phthalates or gluten.

If you're a 90s kid like me, then this must scream teenage life to you - the fonts on the packaging, the names of the fragrances, and scented marker pens. Please raise your hand if you were a scented pen collecter *raises both hands*. The inspiration behind these products are two fathers of teen girls who wanted to create scents that give young girls a chance to express themselves and their mood with scents.

scent republik scent stik review

Even though I may be a little over the target market age of these products, I absolutely love them. They're so easy just to pop in your bag and apply. No need to worry about a glass bottle or spillages ruining the content of your bag, or over applying when you're on the move. (You know what I mean when someone sprays perfume in a very enclosed space and you feel like you have inhaled way too much). It's so simple, clever, and very handy! You just pull the lid off, and swipe is across an area of your skin. No stains, marks, or wet residue. Each stick has 1000 single strokes of applications, so you'll be sorted for spring and many seasons after.

.@helloaycan is sharing her favourite spring scents with Scent Republik

I'm sure you've guessed that the branding attracted me to the products, and can I just say how much fun I had photographing these. I felt obliged to bring in lots of colour and have as much creative fun as possible, which are both always high up in my photography styling process.

scent republik scent stik review
scent republik scent stik review

So let's talk about scents! The MiXuP Scent Stiks come in six different unique mood inspired scents.

FAB - Sweet vanilla, mandarin and rich praline. This is a warm scent, with notes of both sweet and fruit. This one is my favourite, and maybe it's because I'm such a huge praline eater. I love how rich and sweet it smells, but you also get these light bursts of mandarin. Definitely one for the evening.

CHILL - Marine aqua, apple blossom and sweet citrus. I can only describe this as spring in a scent. It reminds me of spending time outdoors in the middle of spring, where the weather is fresh and crisp.

ZAP - Vibrant jasmine, amber and vanilla. This scent is perfect if you love florals with a little sweetness too. The jasmine makes it feel very calming, and the amber and vanilla bring in that rich sweetness.

YAY - Sweet orange, apricot and exotic hibiscus. If you need an uplifting scent in the morning or throughout the day, you've got to pop one of these into your bag. The combination of citrus fruits and tropical plants makes it the perfect springtime pick me up.

WHOOSH - Fragrant raspberry, strawberry and cassis. Well hello there spring! This is such a nostalgic scent to me; so fresh and fruity. Picking fresh fruits (picking and eating just as much) and making delicious smoothies.

BFF - Delicate rose, freesia and creamy magnolia. Two words; flower power. The combination of the three different flowers has created such a unique floral scent. This rose is more prominent here, but the notes of freesia and magnolia bring in sweet and subtle citrus too.

scent republik scent stik review

Another thing I love about these Scent Stiks, is that you can combine scents. If you're going from day to night, or you need a little pick me up, you'll be able to layer on another fragrance on top. I had a lot of fun playing around with these to pick my perfect combinations, and for me I love:

Yay and Chill as they're both very traditional spring scents to me, and they just enhance each other so well.

Fab and Whoosh because it intensifies the fruity scent in Fab, but you still get this rich, warm and sweet scent from the praline and vanilla.

Zap and BFF as a huge fan of floral scents the combination of the two make such a lovely, fresh daytime scent.

The MiXuP Scent Stiks are available to buy from Scent Republik, Superdrug, River Island, The Perfume Shop, and Amazon for £4.95 each.

scent republik scent stik review

If you want a little more than a fragrance, bath bombs are available over on Scent Republik for the Fab, Whoosh, and Chill scents. You can even get them in sets packages in a lovely box if you're looking to buy someone a gift, or if you know you deserve a treat. Some even come with a holographic silver pouch, the perfect place to store your stiks!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of these Scent Republik Scent Stiks, and which do you think would be your favourite fragrance.