Dream Journal Entries #1

Wednesday 27 March 2019

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Sometimes I wish I could delve deep into my brain and find out why I have the dreams that I do.

But then I would think, (not like I could possibly do it anyway), my dreams would lose all its mystery and authenticity if I took away the only thing that is making them feel so real for me.

If you haven't read why I'm starting a dream journal, you really should to help you understand a little more about my relationship with my dreams (and sometimes nightmares, but luckily they've not been as frequent recently). I did mention in that post that since receiving my dream journal and dictionary, I haven't been dreaming at all. Luckily, that post was over a year ago and I have been doing a lot of dreaming.

dream journal monring bed flatlay

As much as I love my journal, it's not very convenient for me to jot down what's happened while I'm still half asleep so, I always start them off as rather confusing notes in my phone. I have even been known to sketch pictures too. I say sketch... do you know how hard it is to draw using your finger while one eye is still firmly shut and the other can just about focus?

I have pulled up some of my dreams from 2018, which had quite an impact on me, all of which I can remember like they'd just happened - which I find slightly strange, but I've stopped trying to make utter sense of my dreams very many years ago.

20th APRIL 2018 - GOOD, BAD, UGLY

It was my birthday and I was in some sort of assembly hall. I was given this long, thin, rectangle box as a gift and it was something from Skinny Dip. On the drive home I remember seeing this shop front and it had long dangling decorations hanging from the front windows. Somehow I ended up back there, but this time I was inside. The shop was called 'The Good, The Bad, The Ugly', and it sold skater boy type merchandise. I knew one of the owners well, (he had brown hair and was very cool), and he set up a little dinner party on the shop floor. His friend who also owned the shop was called Angel.

- (I have actually searched online for this shop, and sadly it doesn't exist. Can you imagine if it had!)

1st MAY 2018 - TWO TEETH

Started off with a dog. It wasn’t allowed in my sisters' room and then she allowed it in. My tooth felt wobbly so I started to move it with my finger and then it came out. I was upset and told my sister that my second tooth had come out (months ago I dreamt my top tooth came out) she told me to sit back and she’ll fix it.

- (I looked up the meaning of this dream that morning, and it said that I was betrayed by someone. Before I went to bed I got in an argument.)

.@helloaycan is sharing some memorable dreams from her journal

24th MAY 2018 - THE MUSIC SHOP

I was driving and on the corner saw this music shop. I went in and every shelf was different. Some had clothes, some had cleaning products with baking bits. A middle-aged woman who people referred to as 'The Queen' called me over and said we had a meeting. We left the shop and there was a huge open space outside with trees darted around. She asked me what I thought about the area and I said it was nice and simple. She said she wanted to cut the branches off the tree down to decorate the shop and I told her not to as that’s not nice for the tree. We then got to a book shop where we sat down with another lady and we had to read this book together and try and interpret it. I was reading the book slow so I had to skim it quickly to keep up. I don’t remember what the book was called but it was about a girl who liked this guy and inside the book were photos of a group of girls who were dressed up. They all wore 80s style clothing which I liked, but I was slightly confused because the book was set in modern times as they were referencing social media a lot.

- (Even though this dream happened 10 months ago, I can still vividly see it in my head.)

dream journal monring bed flatlay

7th JULY 2018 - THE BREAK-IN

3 guys rang the doorbell and we all hid. They went round to every door and window to try and get in but they couldn’t. They went back to the front door with loads of people and managed to get in. My sister and I hid in my bedroom. We heard that they were setting off fireworks in the house. We called the police and they were asking stupid questions and didn’t seem like they wanted to come. I hid behind the corner of my table and my sister hid under it. They came in and I begged them not to light anything, but they did. I grabbed the firework and threw it out the door as the boys left so we didn’t end up getting hurt. There were two girls in the room so I grabbed one by the hair and dragged her down the stairs. I told her I was only pretending to hurt her so I could get out the room, but I think I really did want to hurt her. My Mum and Dad were just sitting on the sofa and my Dad said, "we don’t have a house left".

- (This dream absolutely broke my heart. I found it strange how my room was set-up like my room, but the rest of the house was different.)


Zoe and Alfie threw me a birthday party. I knew all the people there (in my dream, not in real life) except a person called Wayne. Him and Alfie we’re keeping me distracted while they brought the cake over. It was a large square, flat cake. It was dark red in colour and had pearls all over it. When the cake came over, the candles were blown out so Alfie helped light them up again. I blew them all out except one, which I had to try a few times. I gave them a hug and thanked Alfie, then ran to catch Zoe who had taken the cake in another room. She went to take a bath in this mechanical bath thing that was attached to the wall. It spoke. There was water in there already and she was trying to work out if it was fresh. The bath side closed as the water was drained and refilled. As this was happening, Wayne came over and I was saying to him I wanted one of those, he said we should get one, and I asked, together? We walked over to the bath to take a closer look, and at the bottom, it had shells and sealife, but it had a bottle of something, which Wayne and I found very funny.

- (Not quite sure what to say about this one, other than that bath was really cool and I don't know anyone called Wayne.)

Let me know in the comments below if you've had any memorable dreams recently, and what you think some of my dreams may mean.