My First Thoughts And Feelings About Starting A New Business

Friday, 15 March 2019

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This post is most definitely a long time coming.

And despite what this may lead to, even if this post is all that you'll hear about it, I have completely thrown myself into something out of my comfort zone and for that, I am very proud.

My ideal job and career plans have changed many times throughout my life, but even as a young child, I had always imagined myself being a manager or having a position high up in a company. Having my own office with my name on the door, and playing a very important role in a business. I have never been the type of person who wanted "just a job". A career with prospects and growth is the type of employment path I want to take. I have tried working in retail, and even working in a creative industry, but it still felt like I wasn't using my full potential. As a creative person, it can be hard if I know that I haven't been using my brain for ideas, my eyes for inspiration, and my hands to make on a daily basis. I would feel very unaccomplished even after a busy day.

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Once I'd reached my mid-twenties, I would have many conversations with myself trying to decide where I'm going in life, and what would be my future plans. Even though I had my blog, I knew I needed to do more. Having gained years of experience building Little White Socks from absolutely nothing, I wanted to start another project in which I could do the same thing. This time though, I wanted it on a much larger scale, and being able to sell a product or service.

That's when I decided that starting a business was going to be next for me. I didn't have an idea of what exactly, all I knew is that it would be creative in some form.

During blogmas (I honestly think all my ideas have stemmed from blogmas), I had a number of people ask me if I sold some of the products I had made such as my embroidery hoops, or cushions. Sadly, I hadn't. That's when I started to think about selling my crafts. This wasn't a quick decision all because I had been asked about my products. I was intensely researching, and making sure this was something that I knew I could do, and do well.

I spent some time reading up about how to start an online business, but I was very overwhelmed. I'm not the type of person who will just try and do something and sees what happens. When it comes to dealing with the public and their money, I'm going to be a little more reserved. A couple of years ago I met some people from The Prince's Trust who mentioned an enterprise programme for young people (yes, I'm still a young person, it caters up to 30 okay!), and it seemed like the perfect avenue for me. You get beginner training in the fundamentals of starting a business such as money, marketing, as well as ongoing support and mentoring by experienced business owners.

I finished a four-day course last week, which is what you have to complete to be accepted on to the programme, and what an amazing experience that was. I don't think I have ever met such an inspiring group of people in my life. Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people is definitely going to be key throughout this process.

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Now that I'm officially on the programme, I'm working hard to complete my business plan. The basis of it is quite enjoyable, once you understand what's actually needed. I love doing research and it definitely involves a lot of that. I keep going through phases of 'I can't wait to start making my products' to, 'no-one is going to buy my products'. And I'm sure it's something a majority of new business owners think about while they're starting up. I am so in love with my ideas and products, I just hope that it's well received.

Failure scares me, but it's the type of scared that makes me want to work harder. This type of fear isn't going to stop me doing anything, but it just likes to sit at the back of my mind to prepare me for what might happen.

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This is where the real work starts for me. I am a huge ideas girl, and I think I've conjured up about 10 different business concepts in just the last seven days.

As passionate as I am about all of these, in recent years I have learnt how important it is to edit down your ideas and start small... well, what I deem as "small". You know I can't do anything by halves. I've brainstormed all the keywords and ideas and really focused on the points that excite me the most. I am 100% confident that I have come up with the right concept for me - and no, I'm not revealing it just yet BUT, I'll share a very brief outline: it will be handmade products for your home that reflects my love of colour, patterns and prints, and details all with an inspirational vibe. There is going to be a whole load of creativity, which you can get involved in too. As someone who loves to style her surroundings, I know it can be hard to find THAT focal piece that is full of colour and personality.

I'm excited about planning and executing all the things throughout my business such as how I'm going to be marketing my products, and sourcing fabrics, trims and other materials. I can't believe that I'll finally be making and selling products, which is what started as a hobby and has become such a motivation in my life.

I may be starting small, but I have planned the products I'd love to sell, and I've been thinking about where I see my business going in the future. I'm thinking five years ahead here, which would usually scare me, but fingers crossed that I'm still working as hard as ever, and I'll have the opportunity to run my own craft workshops, and what a dream it would be to have my own book. All I know is that right now I feel excited, motivated and I can't wait to really begin.


Oh, those famous last words. I have a set date in mind, which is when I'll be starting my test trade. This is where you'll sell a small selection of products and see how well/if they sell. It's a part of researching the market which is important, and it's probably the part I'm most nervous about. I have some products in mind which I'm going to sell, that I feel will help show what my business is all about. It's only a few months away, but if you want to know more my dedicated Instagram page will be the main source of information.

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Yes and no. It's sort of like when you have a second child, and your newborn needs more attention and care, as your first born can survive without your constant support - but you still need to give them your time. In more simpler terms, my new business is going to be a priority for me for the next year, but I'm still going to be posting on here regularly. It may be hard at first to organise both projects but with a little change in the routine, I think I'll be good. It may not be twice a week as usual, but I really don't want to be leaving huge gaps in posting. There are too many things I enjoy with blogging that I won't get in my new business, plus, I'm the type of person who loves working on several projects at once so for my own sanity, I'll be keeping this right here and rolling.

On another note, I won't be turning LWS into a constant promotional resource, I know my readers won't want to have all my products shared on here, and that's not what this platform is for me. What I would like to do though, is discuss more of the mental and emotional side of starting a business in general; for those who will find that interesting, and also as this is a platform I like to use to inspire and motivate, it may give you that little push to start something up yourself. Let me know what you think, and how you'd like me to structure this style of post.

I definitely feel like this post has become a sort of therapy for me - throwing all my thoughts and feelings out and sharing how I really feel. I did start off writing this post as a nervous-wreck, now I'm more of an overwhelmed-wreck with a very positive state of mind. It's progress people! Let me know in the comments below if you've started a business, how were you feeling at the start. I'm absolutely grateful for all the support I have received over the past few weeks, you guys are all amazing!