About Me


Hello, I'm Aycan, the creator, founder, and mastermind behind Little White Socks. In addition, I am also an aspiring womenswear designer, and when I'm not working on my blog, I'm designing, pattern cutting and creating some pretty awesome things. I love to experiment and make new things, whether it's with fabric creating home decor, or in the kitchen making a multi-coloured layered vegan chocolate cake covered with all the glitter and sprinkle imaginable.

After finishing university back in 2013 (I studied fashion design at Nottingham Trent Uni), I took a break from designing, but I still needed another way to express my creativity. Being inspired by the ever-growing blogging community, I wanted my own space on the Internet to share everything I was feeling, thinking, and loving as someone in their 20s.

And that's how 'Little White Socks' was born.


I am always asked how I come up with the name, and I wish I had a creative and interesting story behind it, (it is actually in a Boys Like Girls lyric, which I found out years later), but it was just picking out a fashion accessory I was still am always wearing.

'Little White Socks is an online resource sharing inspiration, tips and advice on all thing fashion, beauty, lifestyle, pop culture, DIY, and food.'

I have been blogging since 2014, and it's been the ultimate journey of finding my place in the blogging world and finding new passions to take forward into future ventures. I believe Little White Socks is here to inspire; whether it's to provide motivation in your current endeavours, or the desire to learn something new. I hope I can provide effective content that will help you feel empowered and believe you can do absolutely anything.

I can't wait to share more exciting things with you.