25 Acts Of Kindness To Spread In The Simplest Of Ways

Friday 31 August 2018

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We all need kindness in our lives.

And we all need to spread it a little more.

What I love most about kindness is that it's very much contagious. Someone does something nice for you, and you get this little rush of happiness and want to pass that kindness on. And it just continues, and continues... well, that is what we all hope for.

I always believe in treating someone as you would like to be treated, so when it comes to kindness, I am sharing it around in every which way. I have to admit, I am lucky with the friendships I have. If I need someone to talk to, we'll arrange a dinner to talk all our worries away. If I'm nervous about something, I'll get a text wishing me all the luck. I have friends tagging me in quotes that remind them of us, and even taking the time to comment on a post or share it to their social media. With such a kind and positive group around me, I always want to share that around too. I always see it as the little things you do for someone that can make the biggest impact. It's not always about what you buy for a person, or how much you spoil them. I always see time to be more valuable than money.

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.@helloaycan is sharing 25 ways to spread kindness in the simplest of ways

Kindness shouldn't just be shared with friends and family, it's important to share it with strangers too. Even when a stranger smiles at me, it can be enough to turn my day around. We don't know these people and they may not receive as much kindness as they deserve, so even the smallest thing can make someone's day or even year. I love reading stories across social media about how a stranger has helped them in some way, and what gets me the most is these people don't know you, and probably won't see you again, but them taking the time out of their lives just to help you is something you may hold onto forever.

The main goal is to have someone know they're cared for. Know that they have a person who wants to do good by them. I have put together a little list of random acts of kindness you can practise every day, inspired by some of the things that I have received, as well as given.

  1. Surprise someone with a planned day out
  2. If you're a baking, bake and share your creation
  3. Go that extra mile for someone
  4. Buy a little extra at the supermarket and donate it to a food bank
  5. Invite someone over for a home pamper day
  6. Make them a playlist of the songs that reminds you of them, your time together, or something they really need
  7. If you have an elderly neighbour or relative, check if they need any odd jobs doing
  8. Put together a scrapbook of the memories you've shared together
  9. Offer a free babysitting service to a friend who needs it
  10. Post them some kindness in the form of snail mail
  11. Offer to take a friend out for lunch who really needs cheering up
  12. Volunteer your time to those who need it more
  13. Give someone an honest compliment
  14. Offer your skills
  15. Take time to get to know the people around you (school, work, neighbours)
  16. Let someone know you're thankful for having them in your life
  17. Offer a smile to a stranger
  18. Be the ears for someone who needs to talk
  19. If you know someone who isn't well, send them a care package
  20. Offer to help a stranger in need
  21. Gift them a song you know will put a smile on their face
  22. Cook a meal (or grab a take-away), for someone who has been rushed off their feet
  23. Donate any unworn clothes or items to charity
  24. Send someone a little gift, just because
  25. Let someone know they're doing great

This list can keep going and going. Let me know in the comments below a kind act you have received in the past. If you do decide to leave me a comment or even just by reading this post, you have done a kind act for me so thank you very much.