46 Ideas To Inspire Your Snail Mail Writing

Tuesday 10 July 2018

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I think we all need to start writing letters more.

I think we need to make communication and kind gestures more.

I think we need to be more personal.

When was the last time you put pen to paper and sent somebody a letter? Whether it was a handwritten card, or note, or just a letter? I'm very guilty of this too. I have never been a snail mail kinda person. I've sent thank you note cards to a small handful of bloggers I admire. If I'm writing a celebration card, I try and use up all the space in the card with memories we've shared, positive quotes, things I appreciate about that person. I really want to change this though.

snail mail letter writing flatlay

I understand it though. Sending an email or text, or writing on someone's Facebook wall is so much easier and cheaper than sending something physical, but it can feel less personal. We can always make excuses that it's not convenient enough, or you didn't have the time, but again, we are just making excuses.

While I was at school, we always used to send letters amongst friends. Notes to remind each other of a fun day we had, a funny event that happened, or just an overall letter to know what an amazing friend you are. I've kept every single one (I'm that kinda person).

In a recent post, I mentioned 6 hobbies I wanted to take up this summer, and one of those hobbies includes snail mail writing. I want to send notes, cards, words of encouragement. I want to be able to make somebody smile, and have a keepsake for when they need it most. And I want you to get involved too! That's why I thought it would be a great idea to share some letter inspiration on what, or how you can send someone snail mail. It doesn't always have to be sent via the postal service, it can be hand delivered or passed on when you next see that person. It can be to a person you haven't seen in ages, a friend you love, a family member you don't get to see as much, a person who has helped you in a big way, a person who works in retail, or the health service, or a teacher who was really nice to you, absolutely anyone. If I get a great response from this post, I would love to share creative ways to send your letters (I've included some in the list below). The overall moral of this post is that I want people to spread as much love around as they can. Sometimes the world can feel quite lonely, so it's nice to know you have people around you who care.

.@helloaycan is sharing 47 ways to inspire your snail mail writing!

  1. A list of things you like about the recipient.
  2. A life update.
  3. 10 quotes to help inspire.
  4. Your favoruite recipe you think they'd love to make.
  5. Photographs you have taken recently.
  6. Write an invite with an acceptance form to send back.
  7. A thank you letter to someone who has really helped you out in times of need.
  8. Write a letter to someone you've fallen out with.
  9. Write a letter to your neighbour.
  10. Recommendations (books, tv, food).
  11. Include a little gift - stickers, beautiful stationery, stamps.
  12. A poem that reminds you of the recipent.
  13. Share exciting news you would usually share on a tweet/status.
  14. Find a penpal.
  15. A 30 day writing challenge.
  16. Write about a dream you recently had.
  17. Add magazine articles you found interesting.
  18. Write a note on a postcard from your local area.
  19. Add a printable that they can send back to you.
  20. Wish luck/congratulations.
  21. Love letter to a crush.
  22. Leave an anonymous letter at a popular spot.
  23. If you've moved house, write a letter to your old address.
  24. Write your letter on bubble art.
  25. A drawing.
  26. Write a letter to someone you admire.
  27. Sending a letter to a child? Make it into a story.
  28. Let them know reasons why to feel happy for a little pick me up.
  29. Write a letter in code only you both can decode.
  30. 10 facts about you.
  31. Mail a giftcard.
  32. Feeling creative? Turn your favourite memories into a comic book strip.
  33. Send a letter to a brand/company you wish you worked for/love.
  34. Wish you were here.
  35. Catch up with an old friend.
  36. Include pressed flowers.
  37. Old photographs you've found of the two of you together.
  38. Ever wanted to tell someone something but couldn't? Try writing it in a letter.
  39. Had a nice experience in a shop/public transport/resturant/event? Send them a letter.
  40. Sew it onto fabric.
  41. Write a letter that needs to be opened on a special day - maybe years in the furture.
  42. Write about happy memories you've shared.
  43. Did you have a teacher at school who inspired you? Let them know.
  44. 10 things you have learnt this month.
  45. Write a letter to your favourite celebrity.
  46. Have you had an interview lately? Send a thank you note.

I really hope this has made you want to start letter writing in every way possible! Let me know in the comments below any letters you've received or sent that you absolutely loved. Also, let me know if you'd like more posts on snail mail!