DIY String Art Thank You Notecards

Tuesday 4 April 2017

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In a few days, my blog will be turning 3! Don't worry I'm not going to go all sappy and get emotional (you're going to have to wait until Friday's post for that), but I'm sure any blogger will agree with me that your blog probably wouldn't be the blog it is without the support from other bloggers. I have expressed how much I love bloggers in this post, but I really can't explain how much love and support I have received from the blogging community. As a little thank you, I have designed and created these string art thank you notecards to send to a few of my favourites. I wish I could send it to all that I love, but I think I would have to close my blog down and sew full time.

string art thank you notecard

I don't think a thank you can be said anyway better than with something handmade. Just like with anything I create on my blog, these can be customised and altered in any which way. I like to see my creative posts as a starting point to an idea you can take in your own creative way. I've kept mine simple and used a standard 'thank you', which I printed out in my own custom font. Say 'thank you' however you prefer, but keep the text nice and chunky so you have more to cover with your threads. I had these coloured ink and glitter blotted papered saved for years (I can't even remember where I brought them from), and I've finally found the perfect project to use them. You can use any style of paper or thin card; patterned, plain, or you can even make your own. These notecards are easy to make, and let's face it, really fun to create too, so let's get started.

string art thank you notecard string art thank you notecard

Learning how to make diy string art thank you notecards with @helloaycan


  • Cardboard
  • Fancy thin card or paper
  • Plain thin card
  • Handdrawn or printed 'thank you' text
  • Yarns or threads
  • Double sided tape
  • Craft knife
  • Needle


  1. string art thank you notecard

    Decide the size you want your notecards to be, and using a craft knife, carefully cut out the number you require from your cardboard. To create a solid base for your notecards, stick together the cardboard and your fancy paper or thin card using double-sided tape. I always find it easier to cut the paper or card a little bigger than the cardboard and trimming it down after sticking to make sure the cardboard is fully covered. Lay your design down and using a push pin, poke holes through the letters. When choosing where to place your holes, make sure they aren't too close to each other, which could result in the holes tearing.

  2. string art thank you notecard

    Now for the fun part, the sewing! I have included a simple stage by stage example of what I do to fill colour, but there really are no rules. I find it best to fill in the letter by sewing from one side to the other, crossing over a different thread each time. After the first few letters, you'll get into a motion that works. For the threads, you can use any thickness (I used 3 thin strands), but if you want to work back into the same holes, stick to using less strands. You can really get creative with the combinations; mixing different colours, working with shade, or layering the colours

  3. string art thank you notecard

    With your plain thin card, using double-sided tape again, back your design. If you feel like the thread you've used is too thick, back it with another piece of cardboard first. You can even include a little message on the back if you choose, but write that down before you stick.

I had so much fun making these notecards, and I hope the recipients love them just as much. Let me know in the comments below a blogger who has really supported you and your blog, and leave their link so I can check them out.