6 Hobbies I Want To Take Up This Summer + More Ideas For You!

Thursday 28 June 2018

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Oh, how I'm welcoming you with open arms.

Seeing as I'm a summer baby (debatable as I was born on the cusp of Autumn, but no-one is going to argue with me... right), I feel like I'm happiest in the sunshine. I crave fruit, my wardrobe is finally appropriate for the current season, everyone is in a better mood; overall, I'm just a better person.

Another thing I love about the summer is it gets me outside. I can slightly end up like a hermit in the colder months, and I can't think of a feasible excuse not to leave my house, so when the sun is out, I have to be out too. I am also at my most productive and creative, and always pushing myself to try new things. There are of course activities best suited to partake in the sun, so here are 6 hobbies I'm planning on starting this year. I have also included a list at the bottom of the post to help inspire you too.

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You already know how much I love taking photographs for my blog, but this summer I really want to experiment more. Not necessarily to create blog content (though if I do love them, I will be sharing it), but to get outside my "in-house studio" and see what I can capture. Experiment with colours, textures and props. As well as working on digital photography, I have 2 film cameras and 1 Polaroid camera I want to work with.

Even though I should be focusing on hobbies I can do outside, I want to get really creative with Photoshop, and other editing tools. I sort of a have a photography style when it comes to Little White Socks so it will be nice to not be restricted. I might even create something new for this blog. Maybe this can be work for lazy nights in.


I guess it's the only form of exercise I get. (No need to guess Aycan, you know it is). I definitely feel like it will help contribute to all my other summer goals, especially photography. There is so much you can see and find if you start exploring on foot. I think I know my local area pretty well, but jumping on a train, stopping at a new stop then walking for hours to explore. There is something so nice about walking around on your own too. Though I'm usually listening to music, when it comes to walking, I just like to listen to what's going on around me. It definitely becomes very relaxing.

.@helloaycan is sharing the hobbies she wants to start this summer, and more ideas for all


I have mentioned this a thousand times, so for the thousand and one time, I want to carry on drawing. I am not the best at drawing, but while at art college/uni I did practise a lot more, and I was constantly sketching something. I have so many different materials and art supplies I've had since school which I probably should start using, which also gives me an excuse to buy more. Buying new art materials and equipment should be a hobby in itself.

Adult colouring too! I still haven't finished/got through the first few pages of my colouring book so I would love to finally get through even more pages. It's the perfect thing to do in the sun while tanning and eating your weight in watermelon.

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Aycan is about to gain a green thumb... well, maybe a very light green thumb at the moment. I know zero about gardening, with the last thing I remember planting when I was 8 and attempted to grow a Busy Lizzie in school. Usually, when it comes to trying something new, I skip the steady progression and would just jump straight to the extreme expert. In the case of gardening, I would be attempting to grow bananas in my garden and be confused the next morning when I haven't got nothing ready to eat. Clearly, I am being very over the top with that statement, but I'm just trying to get across what it's like for me. I'm just going to buy a few pots, seeds and soil (I think that's all I need), and see what grows.


If I don't start journaling in the summer, I never will. With my creativity increasing as the heat rises, I really need to take advantage of this. I've already started my dream journal, but of course how much I complete is very little in my control, (well slightly), so I need to plan time to do more. I have two Listography books I want to complete. I've seen another book I want to buy, and I really can't justify buying another if those aren't complete. I have art journals, a memory journal, and so many other ways I think would be a great way to document the summer, but hopefully, continue it throughout the rest of the year.


I have scheduled a post next month dedicated to letter writing, but what happened to writing letters to each other? Growing up, I was a teenager at the stage where we would talk to our friends mainly on MSN, as texting would cost 10p each (what a time!), but for whatever reason, we would still write letters/notes to each other. There is something so heartwarming about reading words someone has taken the time to write just for you. I don't remember the last time I wrote a letter, but I always fill a casual celebration card with special words and memories we've shared. I want to make snail-mail a thing this summer, and hopefully, with the help of my new post, you'll feel the temptation too.

I have mentioned all the things I want to take up this summer, but here is some inspiration just for you!

  1. Cycling
  2. Yoga/meditation
  3. Cooking/baking
  4. Rearrange/redecorate your room
  5. Volunteering
  6. Crafting/DIY
  7. Starting a club (reading, tv, baking)
  8. Learn a new languge
  9. Start making your own clothes/upcycle your clothes
  10. Reading
  11. Go camping
  12. Start a visual diary
  13. Start a blog
  14. Painting
  15. Start vlogging/video diary
  16. Take advantage of fruit - smooties, ice lollies, jams
  17. Spring cleaning
  18. Collecting
  19. Travel to new places/explore your local area
  20. Transform your garden/an open space

Let me know in the comments below what hobbies you've started this summer, or what you hope to start soon. I'll be sure to add any ideas to the list!