DIY Popcorn Mix Gift Box

Monday 11 December 2017

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If you're new here, and have happened to just stumble upon my blog, hello my name is Aycan, and I’m addicted to making popcorn.

But not just any popcorn.

Regulars to my blog and social media would have seen me share my popcorn recipes, which are usually filled with a lot of fun and tasty things, and so much more than just popcorn. For example, my 90s popcorn mix which includes party rings, pink wafers, and rainbow drops, and my crushed micro egg popcorn mix, which includes layers of chocolate, chocolate, and just a lot more chocolate.

popcorn mix gift box

Food gifts have become so popular in recent years, (despite most of us vowing to eat healthy after Christmas). Whether it's crackers and chutneys, cake mix in a jar, or make your own hot chocolate kit, there will be something you can find that you know your friends and family would love to be gifted.

Let me introduce you to my DIY popcorn mix gift box. A gift inspired by my love of popcorn, and for those who share the same passion. I may be slightly biased here, but I think I'd be running into the kitchen, ready to make my first bowl if someone gave me this for Christmas. This also combines my two passions of food and crafts (the theme behind my blogmas), but seeing as this involves mostly food, we will be calling it a food post.

.@helloaycan is sharing her popcorn mix gift box idea for blogmas

I honestly can not get enough of creating new and exciting recipes, so this is also an excuse to use all the festive inspired popcorn ideas I had for blogmas, but couldn't use. I have made it super easy for you by including my printable recipe cards, and even labels. I have also added a blank sheet so you can write your own labels or recipes. I know, I know, I am very good to you. This is a must-have for any popcorn lover, or maybe you're hosting a Christmas party, this would make the best party favours.

popcorn mix gift box

I'm sure you're dying to find out what popcorn mixes I have for you, and here they are:

  • HOT CHOCOLATE POPCORN MIX - all your favourite parts of a hot chocolate, with marshmallows, candy cane sprinkles, and even hot chocolate powder.
  • SANTA'S SLEIGH POPCORN MIX - Santa and Rudolph are getting their own mix with red and green coated chocolate, and pretzels.
  • GINGERBREAD POPCORN MIX - a little less chocolate, but instead biscuits, fudge pieces and almonds.
  • CHRISTMAS COOKIES AND CREAM POPCORN MIX - a popcorn mix with a whole lot of crunch!
  • AFTER-DINNER MINTS POPCORN MIX - a minty popcorn makeover, with dark chocolate.

I also have another recipe, which I like to call 'The Ultimate Christmas Popcorn Mix,' but you're going to have to wait until next week for that. You'll get a new set of labels and recipe card to add to your box too.

So how do you make your box?

It's simple.

popcorn mix gift box

Print out the labels, and the recipe cards (which you can print double-sided), fill your plastic packets will all the ingredients, add your labels and place them into your container. You can weigh the ingredients as referred to on the recipe cards, (each recipe serves 1-2), or you can fill them as much as your bag can fit. Of course, I went for the second option. I want the recipient to be making A LOT of popcorn. You can stick to matching all the ingredients to the recipe cards and labels, or you can just include one of each ingredient, so it's up to them which one they decide to make. They'll always have the recipe cards to refer back to, so you can always add to the ingredients.

Don't forget to alter the ingredients depending on their dietary requirements. Nut free, milk free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. If you know they have a favourite chocolate or sweet, use those too. I don't think this could get even more homemade, or personalised if you tried!

You can gift this in a jar, use a box (just like I have), or put them in a popcorn bowl so they have somewhere ready to eat. To decorate my box, I have added shiny shreads and shiny stars, and I have even added a bag of popcorn too, just as a little teaser. You could include flat packed popcorn boxes so they have somewhere to eat it too. I am so in love with this popcorn mix gift box, and if I can drag myself away from this, whoever gets this box will love it just as much. This is the perfect gift for anyone who obviously loves popcorn, is a huge movie fan, or for someone who loves to have fun in the kitchen.

Let me know in the comments below if you love food gifts, and what's your favourite kind. Don't forget a new popcorn recipe is coming next week to add to your box. Use the advent calendar to see if you can work out which day it is.