Crushed Micro Eggs Easter Popcorn Mix

Tuesday 11 April 2017

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I have decided that popcorn is my thing...

...if that even is a thing.

It doesn't matter the occasion, I will always create a themed popcorn mix.

What I love most about popcorn is that it is so versatile. You can literally mix anything sweet or savoury and it just works. If you can't already tell, I think I have become slightly obsessed. With Easter coming up in a few days, I obviously got inspired and wanted to create an Easter themed mix. Chocolate has become the main focus of Easter, so if you like chocolate then you're in for the sweetest treat, literally.

easter popcorn mix

Easter is a very easy holiday to cater for, and I had a billion and one ideas. As tempted as I was to use as many ideas in one recipe, I didn't want to give you all a sugar overdose. I narrowed it down to my top 4 and took a poll on Twitter. How else do you make hard decisions without the help of your followers and a Twitter poll anyway? Each mix contained layers and layers of chocolate, but luckily, my favourite mix won; the crushed eggs.

I like to think of this as the lazy mix in the sense it's very "Easter"; pastel colours and chocolate eggs. This popcorn mix is so good that that doesn't even matter. It was so good, it has been devoured in 24 hours, and not all by me... promise. This is the perfect mix to create with all that extra chocolate you accumulate over Easter. I have used a white chocolate base, but you can use any chocolate you have available. This also makes a great alternative for an Easter gift, or just for yourself. I'd go for the last option too.

Check out this popcorn mix by @helloaycan filled with micro eggs, coated cornflakes and layers and layers of chocolate. YUM!

Along with the popcorn and a whole lot of chocolate, there is also chocolate coated (of course), cornflakes. This gives the mix a little crunch, plus Easter treats always reminds me of those chocolate cornflake cakes. The worst thing was waiting for them to set, how I managed that as a chocolate obsessed child is beyond me. I used white chocolate to coat the cornflakes so I could transform them into pastel coloured flakes to match the chocolate eggs shells. This popcorn mix is definitely perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

easter popcorn mix


This recipe makes 6 generous bowls.


  • 1/4 cup popcorn kernels or 5 cups of popped corn
  • 1 tbsp light oil
  • 200g micro chocolate eggs
  • 300g white chocolate
  • 30g cornflakes
  • Optional: food colouring gel, sprinkles


  1. Melt 100g of white chocolate in the microwave for short bursts, or in a double boiler. Coat the cornflakes in the white chocolate and leave to set in the fridge. Optional: To create pastel coloured flakes, split your white chocolate into bowls and add food colouring gel before mixing with the corn flakes.
  2. On a medium heat, add your light oil to a large saucepan. Add your popcorn kernels and shake to coat. Once you hear your first pop, reduce to a low heat. Every now and then, shake the saucepan to make sure the popcorn doesn't burn.
  3. Once the popping has stopped, lay your popcorn on parchments paper and remove any unpopped corn. Scoop the corn into a large bowl.
  4. With a rolling pin or something similar, crush your micro eggs. Don't crush them to dust though!
  5. Once the cornflakes have set, remove from the fridge and break into smaller pieces.
  6. Melt the remaining 200g of white chocolate and gradually pour all over your popcorn and stir well.
  7. Mix in about 1/2 of your crushed eggs and continue to stir.
  8. Lay out the popcorn mix onto parchment paper and pour over the remaining crushed eggs and coated cornflakes. Using a spatula, carefully push the crushed eggs and covered cornflakes to incorporate them into the mix.
  9. Drizzle over any remaining chocolate, and sprinkle over rainbow sprinkles. Leave to set before eating.
easter popcorn mix

I'm so sad my popcorn is all finished, I'm craving some right now. Let me know in the comments below what is your favourite Easter inspired treat. Remember, if you make or are inspired by the recipe, let me know, I'd love to see what you create.