5 Books I'm Hoping Are Under My Christmas Tree

Saturday 23 December 2017

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My aim was to read 20 books this year, and I failed.


I started the year off and ended it with a good reading pattern, but it was the bit in the middle that had zero reading. I say the "middle" like it's nothing. 7 whole months of very little reading. Not good. Just like having new stationary makes you want to work that bit harder, having pretty interesting books makes me want to pick up a book and read. I am not the fastest reader but give me a good book and I'll have a lot of trouble putting it down. I'm not going to lie, half of my brain is currently focused on a book I recently started reading, and wish I was reading right now.

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To help me have a successful 2018 reading-wise (and in every other aspect, please universe), just like any other well-behaved child, I had written down a list of books I wanted for Christmas. Seeing as we are only a few days away from Christmas, the only thing I can do right now is hope that all the excessive hints and link sending have worked. Otherwise, it's straight to the sales on Boxing Day for me.


After reading about 3 chapters of Dreamology, (check out my autumn reading list), I knew Lucy Keating's books would forever be on my wishlists. Luckily, she has released a book earlier this year called Literally. Please stay with me while I explain this to you. Annabelle is the definition of perfection. Everything in her life has always been exactly how she likes it, but recently things haven't been going to plan. Her fiction class is being taken by writer Lucy Keating, and when she reveals the plot of the story she is writing, Annabelle realises the book is literally her life. Everything that Lucy writes in the book, it happens to Annabelle in real-time, including the new love interest, which she has zero interest in. How can she stop her life being written by someone else, and will she do it in time before any huge changes? I feel like there needed to be dramatic music with that last sentence. I love how Lucy has incorporated herself as a writer in the book, even though fictitious Lucy isn't real life Lucy... it's all very here and there, but I have already read an extract, I can't wait to read the rest.


I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but how can you show a complete romantic something so sweet, and not have her already grabbing the tissues. P.S. I Like You is the story of Lily, who has not only fallen in love with someone she hasn't met, but she has fallen in love with someone she doesn't even know. One day during chemistry class, she scribbles the lyrics to a song into the desk. Returning back to her next class, the lyrics have been continued, and also with an added message. They soon become penpals, writing letters to each other like they've known each other for years, but Lily still has no idea who he is. The more she falls, the more she needs to find out who this guy is. This book sounds like a Catfish episode from the early 90s, where social media wasn't a thing, and hopefully with a positive outcome. Kasie West is renowned for her books on love, so I know I'll be in good hands with this one.

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This is a dark and sad story about Aysel who is planning her own death. She doesn't get on with her parents, especially her murdering father. With this news quickly spreading around the school, she definitely doesn't have any emotional support from her peers. Despite her plans, she is too fearful to commit suicide on her own, therefore finds a website where you can find your own suicide partner. That's where she connects with Roman. He leads a very different life to Aysel but still wants it to be over, even more than her. The two meet, and as they get closer to the day, Aysel realises maybe there is something to live for, but can she convince Roman of this too? I have read many novels about suicide, but My Heart and Other Black Holes seems different as it uses suicide partners, which is something I have never read in a novel. This book is going to bring my emotional factor up to 100.

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I heard about To All The Boys I've Loved Before because somebody retweeted an article that I read about it becoming a movie. Not initially knowing anything about the movie (or the book), it soon became very clear that this is something I would love to read. Lara has only ever loved five boys. And with these five boys, she has taken pen to paper and has written heart-wrenching, emotional love letter to. Except, she has never sent these letters. She keeps these letters locked away, safe with her, and for her eyes only. This was until one day, the letters get mailed to each of these boys. Her letters are no longer just hers. Who could of have done this, and why? And how will Lara explain these letter to each and every single boy? I can't imagine what Lara would be going through, especially if these letters get read by others, and not only the boys. I need to find out what's going on, and I definitely have to get this read before the movie comes out, plus the other 2 in the series!


Mallory is a quiet girl and has learnt the best way to get through life is to say nothing. Spending a lot of her childhood in foster care, she was adopted by a family, who she met at the hospital, after a terrible accident. She was homeschooled until senior year, where she attended public school. She meets Rider again, a boy who used to be her protector back when they both were in foster care. She hasn't seen or heard from him in years. The two begin to rebuild their friendship, but she realises that Rider's life is not going so well. Mallory now has to decide whether it's time for her to finally speak out. There are a lot of unanswered questions for me when reading about The Problem With Forever, and I'm dying to find out about the past of these characters, as well as their futures.

I am super excited to start (and reach) my reading goals in 2018. Let me know in the comments below if you are hoping to open books on Christmas morning. If you have any recommendations for me, please let me know, I'm always looking for new books. There are only 2 more windows left to open in the advent calendar, so check back tomorrow to see what's behind the next door.