What's On My Autumn Reading List

Tuesday 3 October 2017

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I am really behind on my yearly reading target.

As said by Goodreads.

My goal was 20 books, and I've only read 5... you do the math.

I have been really good at sticking to my reading plan, but this year, it's gone downhill. I don't know if it's because I used to read whenever I started procrastinating, and I've been really focused on what I need to be doing recently, so I haven't had much time to just sit and read. Oh time, why do we never have enough?

autumn reading list young adult books

I am making it yet another goal of mine to read more this autumn, despite knowing that the next few months are going to be the busiest for me. I'm doing this new thing called 'scheduling my day in a way so I don't get bored', which really translate to, 'doing different jobs throughout the day so I am always focused'. It's going really well for me so far, so I know I can throw a few hours dedicated to reading. I should stop waffling on because you came here to read about books, not my failed attempts of being organised. Let's begin.


If you're a close friend of mine, it would have become a regular occurrence for you to receive a text in the morning talking about my bizzarest dreams from the night before. I could write an entire blog post about how much my dreams have affected me (if this is something you want to read, let me know), but this isn't about my dreams, it's about Alice's. Once Alice falls asleep, her mind is turned to Max. Max is a boy who she's been dreaming about since she can remember. Can you imagine how Alice felt when she walked into her class and saw Max sitting there? He is no longer in her head but sitting there, completely real. Much to Alice's dismay, he isn't anything like she dreamt of. I've had so many dreams where I'd dream about someone I know, and see them in a completely different way, both good and bad, and even though I know it's only a dream, the feelings and emotions feel so real, they stick with me for a while. I am most excited to read Dreamology, plus how beautiful is the cover?

.@helloaycan is sharing what's on her autumn reading list.


I am such a huge fan of Sara Barnard, and after reading and loving Beautiful Broken Things, Sara's books will always be on my wishlist. A Quiet Kind Of Thunder is about two characters, Steffi who doesn't talk, and Rhys who can't hear. I don't like to make assumptions before reading a book as it can cloud my judgement a little, but I'm assuming hoping the two start some sort of romantic relationship, so I can see how their love blossoms, and find their own way to communicate. I had a little flick through the book, and I love the little details were the chapter numbers are shown in sign language, with a diagram on the back page. I love that it opens up the awareness of deafness, and also covers mental health issues such as selective mutism, which I know very little about, so I'm hoping I'll have a better understanding after reading this book.


I haven't started this book, but I know it's going to produce endless tears. Latham House is part boarding school, part hospital for sick teenagers, and after Lane gets sent there, he feels his life is already over. Lane meets Sadie, again, (they knew each other before attending Latham House), but she has changed in the completely opposite way you'd think, she's full of life. The two start to fall in love... see, I already knew I would need tissues. When sick teens fall in love, it never ends well. I'm going to spend the entire book hoping they're both cured and leave together and live happily ever after, but I'm going to be a realistic pessimist and assume that's not going to happen. Extraordinary Means definitely has a 'The Fault In Our Stars' vibe, and that book ruined me. Wish me luck!

autumn reading list young adult books


I'm going to be as vague with this as possible in case you haven't read Me Before You as this is the sequel. Lou's life has been a constant rollercoaster, and she is currently on the way down. Everything she had hoped for her new fulfilling life has gone the complete opposite, and she is stuck in a place she never thought she'd be again. She knows this can't last forever. After You seems to have changed a lot since the ending of the first book, so I'm hoping it fills in the missing blanks. I haven't seen the Me Before You movie yet, so I'm going to watch that before reading this book just to refresh my brain a little of the story.


I was lucky enough to meet Holly Bourne, which is where I picked this book up. Evie just wants to be a normal teenager, and have normal teenage things. Starting a new college is a fresh start for her where nobody knows her secrets. Not even her two new friends Amber and Lottie, which could become the biggest problem when they don't realise she is about to make another mistake. I've heard such great reviews about this book, and I really can't wait to read it. Am I Normal Yet? is the first book in 'The Spinster Club' series, and I know I'm going to want to read the others.

Once all these books are read (along with the other 10 I need to read), I'll be doing reviews. You can check out my other reviews here. Let me know in the comments below what you're currently reading, or what's on your reading list. If you have any young adult book recommendations, please let me know.