Mini Santa's Sack Place Cards

Friday 22 December 2017

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I've taken out my needle and thread once again, but sadly, for the very last time.

This is the very last diy for blogmas, and I'm finishing it off in the best way possible.

We've made decor for our home and tree. We've sewn cards and embroidery hoops. We've wrapped our gifts, prepared crackers, and now there is only one last thing to prepare for our Christmas tables; the place cards.

mini santa's sack place cards

Place cards are such a nice personal touch to the Christmas table. Even though I always spend Christmas with my parents and sister, and we just end up sitting down on the nearest empty chair, I like to make an effort and present the table beautifully. If you can't put in 100% effort during Christmas, when can you?

I am so excited about having Christmas dinner. Potatoes are definitely my thing, and not to blow my own trumpet, I am very good at making them. They're crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside, just how they should be! I can't wait for the stuffing and gravy, so many things to look forward too. As a vegetarian, I (luckily) miss out on the main food on the plate, but it's an excuse to stuff my face after dinner with all the other festive foods. There is never any restrictions when it comes to food on Christmas Day.

mini santa's sack place cards

These mini Santa's sack place cards are so easy to make, well not exactly make. I bought the hessian pouches online and decorated them. You can find these in craft stores, or you can sew your own very easily. I started off by changing the pull string, of course, those need to be festive too. I printed out a template for each name and traced around it straight onto the hessian pouch. I filled in the letters using my favourite stitch, the Hungarian braided chain stitch. I finished off the design with a felt holly and bells. You could have a lot of fun with these; turn them into little reindeers, paint on the names, or simply tie a name tag around the strings.

Learning how to make mini Santa's sack place cards with @helloaycan

Now once you've made them, what do you put inside? The choice is up to you. You could use them as cutlery holders, use them instead of crackers, or fill them up with treats. If you have guests coming over, they can take them home as a keepsake too, which I think is such a lovely gift. You could even use them as decorations before Christmas, just like mine, which are currently on the Christmas tree. Inside of my mini sacks, I'm going to include a little bag of my ultimate popcorn, and my gingerbread truffle as after dinner treats. I might even add a little something special, but I can't reveal that just yet.

mini santa's sack place cards

I still can't believe this is the last diy, but I told you it would be a good one. Let me know in the comments below how you decorate your Christmas table, and if you have any family traditions. Even though we have finished all the creative and food posts, we still have two more posts to come. Check back on the advent calendar over the weekend to see what's behind the last few doors.