September Favourites - Birthday Edition

Saturday 7 October 2017

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This is the last time I'm going to say this, I promise, but last month was my birthday. In case you didn't realise, I had a 90s theme running through all of my September posts, because I am in fact a 90s baby. I got spoilt rotten for my birthday, and have fallen in love with everything I was given, so I thought I'd share them with you in a monthly favourites style post. Side note: it's October already, so whoever is playing with time and making it go so fast... you needs to stop asap!!

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In a recent post, I talked a little about how I've never really worn a lot of make-up, but I really want to start experimenting. I have been lusting over Spectrum brushes for so long, and wrote them down at the top of my list. I wanted to start off with a few basics so I wasn't overwhelmed, so I got A11 and A17, because my eyebrows always needs to be tamed, C03 to be used for powders and highlighters, and A12 and B06 for application and blending. I love the wooden pink handles, and they have the softest purple and blue dipped synthetic hair. I am going to be storing my brushes in this beautiful shell holder which was originally going to be used for my pens, but how can you tear such a perfect pair apart?

I absolutely adore Models Own, and every time I go into their store, I have a new favourite eyeshadow palette I want. Leaving the decision up to someone else, I got the Celestal Enhanced palette, which I am so happy about. This comes with 5 shimmery shades, and 5 matte shades, and all equally as dreamy. They're very subtle colours, but look so beautifully blended together. I can't wait to start experimenting.

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I went a little dress crazy, but you can never have enough dresses. You can also never have enough cute dresses. All three very different, but all very "me". My favourite is the polka dot smock, which slightly reminds me of the circus, but I don't want to think about that because I hate clowns. Even though it's just a simple design, I love the little details like the raglan sleeve, elastic cuffs, and the little crew neck. The next one I got is another smock, but this time in a red gingham fabric. I don't really wear red, so this was a little change for me. It's a lot more fitted than the polka dot smock, but again, I just love the simplicity. I have been wanting a cami dress for so long, so I had to get this purple cami. Again, purple is a colour I don't really wear, but it looks adorable worn over the top a pastel pink t-shirt. 90s vibe!!

I am still in love with the choker trend, and I got the most mermaid-esque choker from Missguided, which is purple and has sequins all around it. How can you not love anything this shiny? I also got a Barbie embroidered denim cap, which is part of their Barbie collection. I apparently suit hats really well, so I guess I'm going to have to see for myself. You can never have enough bags from Skinny Dip, so I was over the moon to see the candy fur cross body bag on my birthday pile. I love the combination of pastel and bright pink, and I'm pretty sure I spent a good hour stroking that faux fur after I got it. It's so soft!

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I rarely buy candles for myself, so when I ran out recently, I've been hurrying my birthday along, and oh I was in for a treat. I love Bomb Cosmetics not only because they smell beautiful, but the candles look beautiful, perfect for my flatlays, and the tins are beautiful, perfect to be reused as storage. There are very few scents I don't like, but I have fallen in love with the three I was given. Green Macaroons is super sweet, and smells exactly like amaretto biscuits. Pink Rhubarb and Blackberry smells like fruity berries, but a lot more autumnal than summer fruits. Nectarine and Amaretto, which is a match made in heaven. Nothing is overpowering, and they compliment each other well. I have the perfect set no matter my mood.

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I know the scent is most important about a perfume, but we need to talk about the packaging first. I don't think Juicy Couture have ever created a bad design, but Viva la Juicy Glace has to be my favourite. The bottle is a frosted white iridescent colour, but becomes so glittery and pink when reflected in the light. The lid is adorned with their usual large pink bow, and decorated with pink fluff and a rose. If you have ever smelt the original Viva La Juicy, it smells similar, but not as sweet. It's more of a sophisticated evening scent with a concentration of fruity and floral notes.


Of course I had to write a list of books I wanted for my birthday. Spending hours on Goodreads checking reviews and recommendations, I compiled the biggest list of books, and left it up to everyone to decide what to get. I received 'Dreamology' by Lucy Keating, 'A Quiet Kind Of Thunder' by Sara Barnard, and 'Extraordinary Means' by Robyn Schneider. Oh I do love myself a good young adult novel, and can't wait to start reading. I have written my first reactions to all these books plus a few extras, so go on over if you want to find out more.

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, I felt very special. Let me know in the comments below what you were loving this September.