The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book Review + Giveaway*

Monday 20 February 2017

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As part of my 17 promises I made for 2017, I mentioned that I wanted to do more things that I enjoyed, including things I loved to do as a child but had forgotten about because life just got in the way. I was always such a creative child, I was never one of those kids who would sit and watch tv all day, or outside playing with others. You would always find me inside making something of some sort. I'd be colouring in, making a house from cardboard, painting, literally anything that would involve me getting my hands and my surroundings as messy as possible.

One of my earliest memories is playing with my sisters' Fashion Wheel. If you're an 80s/90s kid you would probably remember it. Just in case, it was this big wheel where you would twist each section to customise her hair, top and bottom, then you would place a piece of paper over the top and scrape with a crayon, and the design would transfer onto the paper. I was OBSESSED with it. Even though the Fashion Wheel is still a working toy, I needed an adult's version.

the whimsical fashion colouring book by natasha itzcovitz

I was reading through my emails, and I came across a press release with some of the sweetest hand-drawn images I had ever seen! I built up the courage to email them asking to work with them (first time I've ever done this, high 5 to me), and they sent me 2 copies; 1 for me and 1 for somebody else. Carry on reading to find out how you can win.

The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book* by fashion designer Natasha Itzcovitz is a colourist dream, with 100 pages of hand-drawn fashion illustrations. When I first received the book, as I was flicking through, I was quick to accumulate a group of my favourite drawings. What I love most is the style of illustrations. I guess the title of the book gives it away, but they're all so light-hearted, fun, and just resembles a black and white photo album for a fairytale land. They're made up of the most stylish fashionistas, including poses with oversized foods and cute animals, and sailing across the water in a teacup boat. How do I join this lifestyle?

the whimsical fashion colouring book by natasha itzcovitz the whimsical fashion colouring book by natasha itzcovitz

The inspiration from the illustrations has been gathered from fashion icons such as Twiggy, pop star divas, and Marie Antoinette, as well as the most popular fashion styles throughout the decades. My personal favourites would have to the 90s babe, the mathematics nerd, and the mermaid. Each illustration has been carefully thought out, with a huge attention to detail. There is a great play on contemporary fashion, and once coloured in, you can create your own personal fashion lookbook to gather your own style inspiration.

I used colouring pencils as my main medium of choice. It's what I'm most comfortable using, plus you can really blend and mix a lot of the colours together, which I love to do. I also used glitter pens to add in details, and what is fashion without piles and piles of glitter? When choosing the palette, I just thought about what I love to wear, and outfits that are currently on trend. Yes, it sounds like I took a colouring book waaayy too seriously, but I guess that's just the designer in me.

the whimsical fashion colouring book by natasha itzcovitz

As a fashion designer myself, I do spend a lot of my time illustrating my own designs, so it's nice to be able to find a relaxing alternative. I've always been a little particular starting a new colouring book as you don't want to ruin the first design, but when it comes to fashion, you can create your own colour palette or print design. This is a great colouring project for anyone who is interested in fashion, styling, or just loves to get creative while colouring.

the whimsical fashion colouring book by natasha itzcovitz

I was lucky enough to be sent an extra copy of The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Book*, so if you would like to win, enter below.

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Let me know in the comments below who is your biggest style icon and why.

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