53 Things I Love

Tuesday 14 February 2017

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I think I use the term 'love' frequently throughout the day, but it's not always to a person; it's to those little things or situations which I really really do adore.

Today I am sharing with you 53 things that I love, and they're made up of the simplest moments, scenarios, and feelings. Once I started writing the list, it was a non-stop activity. I guess when you take the time to think about what you appreciate in life, you can find some of the things that really do mean the most to you. It's a great list for you to make, even if it's just in a journal so you can use it to reflect on your life when you are having one of those days (or weeks) which isn't going so well. We all need the love from people, but we also need to love our lives, and all the little things that make it ours.

.@helloaycan is sharing all the things she loves 💜💜

hand embroidery hoop art
  1. Receiving unexpected mail that isn't demanding money.
  2. Looking back a year ago and seeing my progress.
  3. Waking up with the sunshine seeping through my curtains.
  4. Ice cold drinks.
  5. Anything covered in glitter or is iridescent.
  6. Buying something that gets reduced at checkout.
  7. Books that make me an emotional wreck.
  8. Cry laughing.
  9. The smell of a tomato leaf.
  10. The excitement of going somewhere new.
  11. Being freezing cold in bed.
  12. Cute dogs in outfits.
  13. Unexpected gifts.
  14. Making plans.
  15. Seeing your favourite band live.
  16. Receiving compliments from strangers.
  17. When your favourite song comes on shuffle.
  18. Finding new things in London.
  19. Getting lost in a thought.
  20. Watching movies with really big twists.
  21. Ordering takeaway pizza.
  22. Freshly painted nails.
  23. Having snacks while working.
  24. Washing my hair.
  25. Receiving positive feedback about my blog.
  26. Handwritten letters.
  27. Watching re-runs of Friends.
  28. Putting together a cute shoe and sock combination.
  29. Finding the perfect gift for someone.
  30. Falling in love with new things.
  31. Crossing things off my bucketlist.
  32. Waking up in a really good mood.
  33. The sound of a baby pig oinking.
  34. Being at the beach.
  35. Watching conspiracy videos on YouTube.
  36. Finding unexpected vegetarian foods.
  37. Hugging for no reason.
  38. Watching reality TV.
  39. When your favourite artist releases new music.
  40. Remembering dreams from the night before.
  41. People with passion.
  42. Getting into a boiling hot bath.
  43. Fresh cut pineapple.
  44. Courageous outbursts.
  45. Bread. Just any bread.
  46. Spontaneous days out with friends.
  47. Spring cleaning.
  48. Waking up to unexpected texts.
  49. Guessing if they're a catfish before Max and Nev.
  50. Dipping snacks in hummus.
  51. Singing out-loud.
  52. Finding things I thought I'd lost.
  53. Meeting people I admire.

Let me know in the comments below if you love any of the same things as I do, or share the things that you absolutely love.