How To Run A Blog When You Struggle With Writing

Friday 24 February 2017

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If I had told my 16-year-old self that I would be running my own blog in 10 years time, I would have laughed very loudly.

For a very long time.

Let me explain.

I have always struggled putting sentences together, and reading anything would take me twice as long. I think my worst nightmare was having to read out loud in class. (Not looking directly at the teacher and seeming busy would usually stop him from asking). It wasn't a secret that I used to really struggle. English was the only subject at school I was in the bottom set of, where I used to be in a smaller group to work closely with the teacher. I took pride in my work, and I didn't like that feeling that I was falling behind, so I worked harder. I took extra classes and was constantly practising my reading and writing, and managed to work my way to the top set. I guess this mindset helped me realise that running a blog would be hard, but manageable. Here are some of my top tips to help you create the best content no matter your skill level.

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I guess this is a given but when it comes to writing, practising will help a lot. I read my posts back from a year ago, and I can already see how my writing skills have improved; it reads off more naturally, and my selection of words have become broader.


Another given, but again, it really works. Over the last couple of years I've read more books than I had in my entire life, and it has definitely reflected onto my content. As I am reading, I notice the way things are written, or the way they have put sentences together and I take a mental note. It's not just books, read anything you can get your hands on. Everything has its own style of writing, and it can help you find yours. If you're reading something and there's a word you're not sure the meaning of, note it down and check it later. Even if the word is something that you can't use, it's good to know. You can also use the same technique if you find a word you like.


This is so important. There is nothing worse than starting to write a post the day before, or worse, the morning of. I envy people who can sit and write 5 posts in an afternoon, but I am not that person, and probably never will be. Giving yourself as much time to write makes things easier. It gives you time to write with a clear and stress-free mind, and it allows you the time to check over your post. Knowing what I need to post for the next few weeks also helps as I'll randomly think of an idea, or a few sentences I can include during my non-scheduled writing time.

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One thing I love about writing a blog is that the only person the post needs to sound like is you. When my friends read my posts, they say it sounds like they're having a conversation with me, which is great as your blog is so personal to you. It should be all you. If you have trouble thinking in your head and writing it down, speak out loud and record. It might seem a little awkward to have a conversation with yourself, but it's technically the same process a YouTuber takes. This is something I hate doing, but it may be perfect for you.


Working in note form is what I do best. This is the technique I got taught at school when writing essays, and I guess it stuck. When I open a new post page, I will write out how I want my post to flow using keywords for each paragraph. I will then, without thinking too much, write whatever comes to mind. I won't delete anything, I'll just write. This is writing in a quick note form with no structure. Once finished, I'll go back and read what I've written, and put them into working sentences. If I have to think too much about what I'm writing first, I tend to get a little stuck as I'm trying to make it sound perfect in the very first draft.

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Even the strongest writers will need to proof-read their work more than once. Make sure you're somewhere quiet so you won't get distracted, and if it helps, read out loud. This can help you notice how easy it is for it to roll off your tongue, if you need to add any punctuation, and of course, if it makes sense. I will always check my post straight after I have finished, and then come back to checking it again in a few hours, or even the next day. Giving yourself time away will help you notice your mistakes. Don't forget to ask someone to read over it too.

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If writing isn't your strong point when it comes to blogging, find what is and make that your motivation. It can be anything; you might spend hours talking to your friends about your favourite beauty products, or helping them style their outfits. There is nothing worse than spending hours trying to write something you don't enjoy. Using what you're passionate about will really help you get excited about what you're writing, and you will put 1000% into it. This might sound a little crazy, but I always try and take the best photos I can, so that way I won't feel like my mediocre words are bring down the quality of my post. It sounds strange but it works for me.


It doesn't matter if it's at 3am or 7pm, in the front room or trapped in the corner of a coffee shop, find the best place you can write and do it there. Get your favourite choice of drink, a few snacks, and whatever you need to feel ready. If you have no self-control, hide anything that is going to distract you. The way I love to work is either late morning or late evening, ice cold water, headphones in, music loud.


The worst thing you can do is give up. Please don't waste your talent. It may take you longer than most, you may have to work harder than others, but the rewards will be much greater. Don't put pressure on yourself to write really long posts 4 times a week. Start off with 1 a week. Once you get used to that, commit to 2 or 3. With blogging it's more about quality than quantity. A really good, well put together post can last a lifetime. With a lot of hard work, your confidence will slowly grow. You may see it after a few posts, you may even see it after a year, but it will happen, and you will feel so proud and grateful that you stuck to something you never thought you could.

Let me know in the comments below the best way you like to write, and any tips you can share to help those who struggle, or if you struggle, what helps you.