Who Said Porridge Is Only For Breakfast? | Lush Review

Monday 26 January 2015

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lush soap porridge

Despite its name, I don't suggest you attempt to eat this for breakfast. Why would it be called Porridge you ask, well carry on reading and you'll find out. If you're new to my blog, for the past few months I've been on a sort of 'mini mission' to find the best Lush soap bars. After trying 'Rock Star' and 'Sexy Peel', (both which I loved, click on the links to find out more), I still wasn't completely satisfied. You're probably thinking, "it's just soap, why make such a fuss," but I know what amazing things Lush can do, although it's really just an excuse to try all the soaps. Now back to 'Porridge' (r.r.p £3.10/100grams) and its name; it's because the soap itself is packed with pinhead oatmeal to exfoliate the skin. Wonderful!

'Porridge' from @lushltd is a soap packed with pinhead oatmeal to exfoliate and smells divine #bbloggers

lush soap porridge

I mentioned before that you can tell which soaps have more natural ingredients than perfumes by the texture (the softer the bar, the more natural ingredients). The texture of Porridge is really soft and you can feel the oils just from touching it. The smell is quite hard to pinpoint; it reminds me of something sweet and creamy, but it's not overly sweet. Ingredients include sweet wild orange oil to help refresh and uplift, and fresh organic orange juice (wow this is really turning into breakfast), to refresh and rejuvenate. I've got to be honest I was a little worried about the soap containing oatmeal pinheads, let's face it, that doesn't sound too pleasant, but there was nothing painful about this experience. The pinheads just gently massage across your skin. It's a delicate exfoliant and perfect for daily use as it's not rough on your skin, but you'll still get the benefits of exfoliating. One annoying thing is the pinheads do get stuck to anything they land on, but a little extra water and they'll be gone. Just like the smell, the soap lathers well and feels so creamy and luxurious, that your skin is left feeling soothed and soft. The smell isn't left on your skin, but you do get sudden bursts of it every now and then, which is really nice.


This is my favourite Lush soap...so far. The smell is very pleasant, it's a gentle exfoliant, and it leaves your skin feeling amazing. If you're looking for a daily soap, or haven't tried any yet and not sure what to pick up, go with Porridge.

And so the mission continues. Let me know in the comments below which Lush soap you'd recommend next.