Sexy Peel | Lush Review

Tuesday 25 November 2014

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lush soap sexy peel

I know that Christmas time at Lush is very important, and any of the other products apart from the Christmas range becomes invalid, but I'm going to ignore my theory and share with you a permanent product, the 'Sexy Peel' soap r.r.p £3.40/100grams. I've got to admit, I did get this soap a few months back for my birthday but I am currently using it as an air-freshener, guarded by the excuse that I can't use it until I have taken photographs for my blog. You bloggers know exactly what I'm talking about. I bought a piece of 'Rock Star' soap from Lush a few months back, and if you had read my review, I mentioned that after using the soap "I felt clean, but I didn't feel moisturised or smooth; like you couldn't glide your hand across your skin." After talking to the lovelies at Lush, they mentioned that perfumed soaps have a different effect on the skin, and to go for something with natural ingredients. A tip they gave me is if the soap feels squishy and soft, it means it has more natural ingredients than perfumes.

lush soap sexy peel

As I mentioned above, the smell is to die for; it reminds me of sherbet you used to eat when you were younger. If you love a strong smell of citrus, this soap is a must! It's definitely a morning soap to wake you up on those days you would much rather stay in bed. Ingredients include of course lemon and lime juice, which helps refresh and rejuvenate the skin, and also helps to naturally cleanse oily or congested skin types. For the extra circus kick, there is also grapefruit oil to help uplift and refresh, and even orange peel which becomes a natural exfoliate. Even from just holding the soap, you can already feel the oils so I have really high hopes; no pressure Sexy Peel! The way I like to use these types of soaps is to run it under the tap to get it wet and then rub it onto my body. I then use a wet shower pouffe to lather the soap. As the soap works into the skin you can feel it moisturising. You can also feel the exfoliating fruit peels in the soap, but I don't think it really does anything to the skin. It has the same sort of "drying" effect as 'Rock Star', but once you're dry, you can feel the moisture in your skin. The smell it not long lasting, it's mainly for the bathroom experience, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to walk around smelling like a lemon!

'Sexy Peel' from @lushltd is the perfect morning pick me up #bbloggers


I would say I prefer Sexy Peel to Rock Star. It's a lot more moisturising and the smell is just gorgeous. I think the peels are a little too sparse to create an en exfoliant, but then again, I bought it for its soap factor; the exfoliant was a little-added extra. 'Porridge' has been raved about for it's oatmeal exfoliant, which luckily I was also given for my birthday, so I will be trying that next. I would buy Sexy Peel again, but Lush has a large range of soaps, so I am still on my mission to find my favourite!

Let me know in the comments below what are your experiences with Lush soaps, and if there are any you would recommend.