Rock Star Soap | Lush Review

Wednesday 2 July 2014

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lush soap rock star

If any of you are an avid Lush fan like me, then you'll know the best thing about December is the release of Snow Fairy. You'll understand when you hit around June and realise you haven't planned your usage well and all your Snow Fairy has run out. Not knowing how I was going to cope, I visited my local Lush store and asked for help, they provided me reassurance and then handed me a piece of 'Rock Star Soap' r.r.p £3.40 / 100grams. One sniff and I felt like my addiction was satisfied. Described on their website as it's like being taken "on an away day with its nostalgic smell of seaside rock wrapped up in a pink block - perfect for easing sugar cravings". Ingredients include rapeseed oil, coconut oil and fair trade vanilla absolute, which is perfect for a sweet, comforting scent.

lush soap rock star

How I like to use this bar is holding it under the tap to get it wet and rubbing it all over my body. I then used a wet shower pouffe to lather the soap, which created such a smooth moisturising lathered consistency. The colours seemed to change between pink and white; I'm assuming the white is the vanilla. I didn't expect it to create so much foam! I think I'll be able to get quite a lot of washes from this bar. I know other people who prefer rubbing the soap onto their hand and then onto the body, or using it while in the bath so it is constantly moist, making it easier to apply. When washing the soap off, it didn't feel quite how I was expecting. I felt clean, but I didn't feel moisturised or smooth; like you couldn't glide your hand across your skin. Once I dried off, my skin didn't feel dry or rough as I was assuming it would, but not soft like when using the Snow Fairy Shower Gel. The smell does stay on your skin for some time, but not long; I think the smell lasts longer in your bathroom. MMMMM! I haven't used any other soap bars from Lush and I absolutely adore Lush, so I'm thinking about trying 'Honey I Washed The Kids' as it has a lot of moisturising factors, or 'Ice Blue' because of the exfoliating sea salt.

LUSH FANS! I have found the perfect 'Snow Fairy' replacers for mid-year cravings @LushLtd #lush


I think I was defiantly drawn to this product due to my unhealthy addiction to anything sweet. This hasn't put me off trying more of the soaps though. I think this is a great product for anyone who just wants a standard soap with a great smell. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who has delicate dry skin.

Let me know in the comments below if you have used any of the Lush soap bars and how they've worked for you.