Pastel Bath Fun With Bomb Cosmetics*

Tuesday 30 April 2019

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Bath and shower time should be your most sacred moments.

A time to either prepare for your day, or wash your day away. Bomb Cosmetics have been releasing some amazing new products recently, and I am so excited to be talking through them today. If you're in need of pastel products that are filled with natural oils and ingredients that will help to relax, calm, but also refresh and uplift, you must add these four products to your bath and shower routine ASAP.

bomb cosmetics pastel bath products

Who else gets really excited when their favourite brand brings out a brand new product? *Raises both hands completely high.* Well, can you imagine what it's like when you're one of the first people to be able to try it? Being a Bomb Cosmetics ambassador really does have so many perks, but this is definitely one of the best. The most amazing new products I am talking about is Bubble-Doh (pronounced as dough). A brand new way to help you create a mountain of bubbles in your tub over and over again (around 12 baths worth per doh). I was sent Mrs Brightside, a huge pastel striped star. It really is huge, I can barely hold it in my averagely sized hand. Mrs Brightside is a combination of all my favourite scents; sweet, fruity, and woody. Ingredients such as ylang ylang and rose essential oils will form a relaxing and soothing bath perfect for any starlet. (See what I did there... I guess I'll retire from comedy and remain a blogger for the foreseeable future). The scent is so calming, but you pick up moments from each of the scent combinations. To form your bubble mountain, run the bubble-doh under your tap, and watch the bubbles form - soft, scented bubbles to be exact. Remember, when a running tap hits the water and bubbles, it grows your bubbles too, so use the bubble-doh gradually, as I'm not liable for any bubble mishaps.

bomb cosmetics bubble-doh
bomb cosmetics bubble-doh mrs brightside

Do you like creating bath cocktails? Combining different products to make the ultimate bathing experience? I'm always worried it will become a disaster. The colours will be combined to make something very unappealing, or the scents will be too much and I'll just ruin everything a bath is meant to be. What I've been doing is adding a bath melt into my bathing routine. These little bath mallows are filled with cocoa and shea butter, which when melted, adds a moisturising feel to your water. This is perfect if you need a little extra TLC, and works great alongside a bubble-doh. Bathe The Rainbow mallow is filled with the natural butters I've already mentioned, but also pure ylang ylang and jasmine oils for an aromatic and fragrant bath. It smells absolutely beautiful; sweet, and also floral, ideal for when you want to feel sensual and uplifted. The design looks almost good enough to eat, like a funfetti cupcake filled with sprinkles, and topped high with buttercream frosting.

bomb cosmetics watercolor bath blastic

.@helloaycan is talking all new products from @bombcosmetics over on her blog!

I have become a soap advocate. I honestly can not remember the last time I used a gel soap in the shower. Yay for naked products. The soaps at Bomb Cosmetics are, of course, my absolute favourites. (No, I'm not just saying that, they really are!) With over 100 handmade soaps, you can easily find one (or ten), that you love. They all look like pieces of art that I have to persuade myself to use - duties and all. Powdered Pastels Soap is a new addition to the handmade soap collection. With a combination of pure neroli and grapefruit essential oils to help invigorate and brighten your morning (or evening), to start your day off in the most energised way. I know this is clearly not possible, but the soap is scented exactly how you would imagine powdered pastels to smell, but with the added citrus. It's almost like a fruity, fresh baby powder scent. I love the design of this soap, with the chunky pastel pieces placed unsymmetrically through and on top of the soap. How I use my soap is by dampening my shower pouf, rubbing the soap bar into it a few times and then added a little more water to create an absolutely huge mass of thick, soft foam. A piece of soap will usually last me for about three weeks, which is great value for money at £2.99. I'm now ranking Powdered Pastel Soap as one of my new favourite soaps, (don't worry Pink Elephants and Lemonade, I still love you the most).

bomb cosmetics pastel bath shower

Another product which is still pretty new is the watercolour bath blasters - if you love making bath art, you NEED to try this product. The watercolour bath blasters are not your average bath product. Firstly, they are much bigger than the original bath blasters, which means more bath love for you. Now, don't get me wrong, the OG makes a beautiful bath, but the watercolour range creates works of art in your bath. Swirling vibrant colours float on top and throughout your bath to what I can only describe as the only bath product worthy on your Instagram feed. Amour and More is filled with clary sage and sweet orange essential oils to help you wash away those daily stresses, and refresh and invigorate your mind. I love myself sweet products, but when it comes to having a bath, I know to tone it down a little. A bath for me, is probably one of the only times I can fully relax my mind and not be distracted by work or social media, so choosing bath products that include ingredients with properties that help to calm, relax, or refresh is at the top of my list.

bomb cosmetics amour and more

Have you been shopping at Bomb Cosmetics lately? Let me know what's been in your basket, and which one of these products are you dying to try. (It's okay to say all of them!!)