My Bomb Cosmetics Winter Favourites*

Friday 15 February 2019

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My duties as a Bomb Cosmetics Babe has begun.

I have mentioned that I was invited to join in a couple of previous posts, (who am I kidding, it was definitely loads), but seeing as this is the first dedicated post I'm going to tell you a little more about what this means for me and you, and a little more about Bomb Cosmetics.

This is the very first time a brand has introduced me as an ambassador - for a brand who I adore and have been using for years is such an achievement... wait, I don't have to be modest here, I am so very proud of myself! My responsibilities include trying and sharing my thoughts on products with you, including super new ones too. And I even get to share my opinions and ideas on brand new products. It's so lovely to be a part of something so personal, and getting to know the OG and new Bomb Babes has been amazing; it's such a supportive environment to be in.

bomb cosmetics haul review

Now, let's talk a little about Bomb Cosmetics - they're a 100% handmade, 100% cruelty-free company selling the most beautiful scented products. That's because they use essential oils and natural ingredients were possible, which means it's great for our skin as well as the environment. Products range from bath to shower with bath blasters and scrubs, to face and body care such as shampoo bars and face washes. You can take these scents and share them around your home with candles and melts. Best of all, they're really affordable (average bath blasters are £2.99), and, I may be sharing a discount code for you to spoil yourselves so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I was lucky enough to be able to pick a few items from the website to share with you, and I have decided to go down a 'winter saviours' theme. The cold and sad looking weather can do terrible things to our skin and our mood so these sweet but also warming scents are my favourite products to help counteract this gloomy season.


Let us begin with a newbie. Bomb Cosmetics have spoilt you all and have recently launched a whole range of new products, including watercolour bath blasters - and yes, they look just as beautiful as they sound. They turn your bath into an actual work of art. A new product I gravitated towards though, is the Crowning Glory bath blaster, and if there was ever a time I could describe myself as a bath product, it would be this one. Firstly, it has been decorated in sprinkles, just like a cupcake (favourite food), and also an adorable crown. I wouldn't say I'm a princess, but it was always a dream of mine as a child so feeling like a princess in the bath is probably as close as I'm going to get to being true royalty. The scent features bergamot and sandalwood, and I love sandalwood. It's quite woody, but with the combination of the citrusy bergamot, it makes a warm and fragrant cocktail of flavours perfect for a night-in of relaxation.

bomb cosmetics crowning glory bath blaster


I was given the Shea Bliss hand treatment for my birthday which has actually become a blessing. I have particularly dry hands that starts from my fingers and go down to my wrists, and it gets so sore and bright red and can be so painful. What I love to do is completely coat my hand with the treatment just before bed (I leave my hands hanging out the duvet for a bit so it can absorb a little) and when I wake up, my hands feel softer. Using it continually has also reduced the redness and the overall conditions of my hands. I also love that even if you wash your hands, the moisture still sits on your skin. It's actually amazing! The only problem is, it's in a huge tub, which is great for home applications, but not so fun for when I'm out.

A great alternative is Hand In The Cookie Jar hand treatment, which comes in a handy tube which you can just pop in your bag and continue having soft hands while you're out. I have become one of those women who likes to prepare for any occasion when they're leaving the house a hand cream is a must. This smells so sweet, as you would expect, using pure bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils, and a mix of warm fruity scents such as cherries, strawberries, and a little dash of candyfloss. I have now become that friend who you will always go to when your hand are feeling a little dry.

bomb cosmetics haul review


Lip care always seems to be at the bottom of my body care list. I pay attention to every other part of my skin, but my poor lips are constantly left out, which is a shame as they're exposed to cold and drying air as much as the rest of my skin. The first step of protecting our lips is to remove any dead skin with a scrub. I used to always have one on hand, but they are a loose scrub in a tub (rhyming perfection there), and it would get really messy and hard to use on such a delicate and small area. The Sherbet Lemon lip scrub is your new favourite companion.

In a cute little tub, all you've got to do is remove the lid, rub it all over your lips in a circular motion. (I always scrub a little out of the designated lip area). It exfoliates while applying a soft butter and oil to moisturise too. Leave it on your lips for a couple of minutes before rubbing it back into your lips and continuing with your lip care routine. You can twist the bottom to bring up more scrub - like you would a traditional lipstick. You instantly have a smooth and soft layer of skin. I try to use mine every other day. They have so many delicious flavours such as Strawberry Cheesecake and Spiced Cranberry; I decided to go for Sherbet Lemon, which smells exactly like the classic lemon sherbet you'd remember from when you were younger. Make sure you let me know which flavour you'd choose below.

bomb cosmetics big softee body lotion


I have made sure that in 2019, after every single shower or bath, I will apply a body lotion onto my skin... and I have stuck to that promise, and my skin has thanked me ever since. Again, the winter cold can be so damaging on the skin, but don't you also want to smell and feel beautiful too? That is why I am the proud owner of Big Softee body lotion. The scent is floral but warm, with a mix of sandalwood and ylang ylang essential oils. The true prominent scent also comes from the use of cyclamen, jasmine and rose. This is such a light and absorbing lotion - I hate it when they feel heavy on your skin, or you have to keep rubbing it in. Don't let that fool you though, your skin feels moisturised straight away, and you're enriched in such a beautiful scent.

.@helloaycan is sharing her top winter picks from @BombCosmetics!


I think my obsession with elephants started many years back when somebody asked if I'd prefer a cat-sized elephant or an elephant-sized cat. Are you imagining it right now too? How adorable! Ever since then, the elephant has become my animal. I am making it my life long dream to see an elephant in the wild, and I am also the proud owner of a family of elephants in Kenya (okay, I've adopted them, but it's the same thing). It would only be fair to get the Pink Elephants and Lemonade soap. Just look how adorable he is. It looks as though he is soaking away in a bubble bath (a bomb cosmetics bath - let's keep it on brand), and did I mention how cute he was?

These soaps are handmade using a vegetable-based glycerine, making it mild and gentle on our skin. It's the essential oils that give each soap their individual scents. This soap is packed with litsea cubeba and mandarin essential oils, and this soap is the perfect pick me up when you really don't want to get out of bed on those cold mornings. I think I'm going to really struggle using this cutie! I may have to remove him from his bath and keep him safe and dry elsewhere. If elephants aren't your favourite animal, you can choose from even more, such as a kitten, puppy or dolphin.

bomb cosmetics pink elephant lemonade soap


A product I won't have any emotional attachment to is the Shower Up solid shower gel, and how handy is the ribbon? Put it around your wrist and rub it all over your wet skin to create the softest of lathers. The solid shower gels come in four different scents, but of course, I drifted towards the bar that had black pepper; another warm and spicy scent I love using, especially in winter. It also contains rose so you can imagine how lovely and aromatic this bar smells.

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried any Bomb Cosmetics products before and which those were? Don't forget to tell me which of these from my mini haul you like best too!