DIY Felt Christmas Garland

Tuesday 11 December 2018

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I do love to decorate my home with tinsels and foliage wreaths, but I feel like we should all have a festive garland proudly hanging from wall to wall.

Especially a garland made by yourself. When someone visits the house, I like to point out everything that I have made - this usually takes a while. What do you expect with all these blogmas posts?

Last year I put my sewing skills to the test and made these adorable mini Christmas stockings garland, but for this time around, I have gone what some might say a slightly easier garland but, I would say the attention to detail makes them look so eye-catching and mesmerising.

felt christmas garland

As you might be able to tell, I have an endless supply of felt. I recently bought a few pastel sheets for my gingerbread house cushions, but other than that, I can’t remember when I actually purchased my stack of felt. Did I buy them all at once or was it various purchases? Either way, no matter how many craft projects I incorporate with felt, it never finishes. Though it may seem like I’m complaining, I’m definitely not. I’m such a felt enthusiast, and it's a material every crafter should have in their stash, beginner or advanced.

felt christmas garlandfelt christmas garland

The influence behind my felt garland was very simple; Christmas. I know you were probably expecting me to tell you a long story depicting how I gathered my inspiration, but this time around it's just a traditional festive theme. Actually, I do know what I was inspired by; all things that are cute - but I guess that's a constant for me and everything I do.

felt christmas garland

If you're wanting to base your garland on a festive theme, you have so many options. Here are some which have first come to mind:

  • Christmas lights
  • Baubles
  • Winter animals
  • Santa's washing line
  • Santa's reindeers
  • Mini wreaths
  • Your Christmas list
  • Favourite Christmas foods
  • Christmas jumpers (make them tacky)
  • Christmas trees
felt christmas garlandfelt christmas garland

To make your garland, you can either draw or print out your festive shapes. Cut this out of felt, and use different layers and colours of felt, sequins, hand embroidery, bells and other embellishments to add the details, and make your garland look absolutely beautiful. The favourites of my garland are the mug of hot chocolate, which is decorated with french knots and silver square sequins, which mimic marshmallows. I also love the mittens, because anything that small is just so cute. I added sequins to the french knots, and sewed little snowflakes to decorate. Once you have finished decorating your felt, place it on top of another piece of felt and either hand or machine sew around the edge of your shape, leaving a gap to add your stuffing, before fully sewing it closed and trim off the excess felt. You could trim using pinking shears for a fancy finish.

I'm learning how to make a felt garland with @helloaycan

To construct your garland, use a large needle with a piece of yarn, and thread it through your felt, between the two layers. You can decorate your garland with pom-poms like I have used, or tassels or fringe for a fun little finish. As well as assembling horizontally, you can also go vertically. I attached two different shaped stars and had them hanging down like twinkling stars.

The only thing you have left to do now is, decide where you're going to hang it up. I suggest a place where it's going to be seen by many.

felt christmas garland

Let me know in the comments below what shapes would hang from your garland. Are you up-to-date with blogmas? Check out my advent calendar.