DIY Christmas Stocking Garland

Wednesday 6 December 2017

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I have such a fun diy post for you today. Maybe it's one of my favourites.

I said maybe, I'm in love with every single one of my diys, it's hard to pick a favourite.

We hang our stockings on the fireplace, but how about decorating your home with this Christmas stocking garland? They are made up of mini stockings, which does mean you can't fill them with treats, but it will look so lovely, and extremely festive!

Just like with my other diys this blogmas, they're ideal to be made by anyone, no matter your skills set. There is even a free printable so all you'll need to do is print, trace, cut out and sew. It's may sound like a lot to a complete newbie, but trust me when I say it looks way more complicated than it actually is.

diy christmas stocking garland

It took me so long to get the template to the right proportions. I wish I had kept all the trials I made, you definitely would of had a great laugh. Let's just say, they were a lot of non-sock looking shapes. Probably more ideal for the feet of elves. Luckily, I'm really happy with how the final design came out.

Can we just talk about how beautiful these fabrics are? The Fabric Fox were kind enough to send me these fabrics to create this garland. The fabrics I used are kaleidoscope red,* wrapped up pink,* gold stripe red,* candy canes pink,* and gold flake pink.* They were even personally chosen by Kirsty (one of the owners) who used my Instagram as inspiration for the colours... I guess it's not a surprise when the majority of the colours are pink. I absolutely love them together, each fabric compliments the others so well, but my favourite would have to be the candy canes. It just screams Christmas. If you're looking for festive fabrics (or any fabric for that matter), I would highly recommend The Fabric Fox. They even do festive bundles perfect for your Christmas crafts, and they have the fastest delivery I have ever experienced.

diy christmas stocking garland

You can have a lot of fun creating your garland; mixing fabrics and textures, adding trims, or other festive additions. Bells or a pom-pom trim would look adorable! Just give your own personal spin to the design.

Learning how to make a christmas stocking garland with @helloaycan

Like I mentioned above, this is perfect for even those who have started using a sewing machine. A little trick which might be easier to some, once you've traced your stocking outlines, you can sew around the shape before cutting it out. Just make sure you have placed the fabric behind in place too. Depending on the size you choose to do your stocking (you may decide to print at a smaller scale), it may be ideal to hand sew the cuff in place instead of using a machine because it can get really tight. This design is very versatile so do it in any way you feel most confident.

diy christmas stocking garland

You can hang these on your fireplace, wrap them around your bed, hang them across your wall like bunting, or wrap them around your staircase. You could even hide little treats inside in case someone has a little peak. I'm definitely going to be reusing these next year, but I might turn them into an advent calendar instead. Now, let's get making!!



  1. christmas cracker tutorial

    Download and print the stocking template. Fold your fabric in half with the right sides facing and place the template on top. Place your cuff on the very edge of the fold, and trace. Trace around your stocking. You'll need one cuff per one pair of stockings. Cut each piece. For the cuff, fold in half with the right side of the fabric showing, and iron. Bring the two short edges together and sew. For the stockings, sew around leaving the top open.

  2. christmas cracker tutorial

    Trim down the edges, and cut into the corners of the curves. Turn the stocking the right way around, carefully poke the corners out so it's completely smooth. If needed, iron. Place the sewn cuff over the stocking, with the raw edge matching that of the stocking, and carefully sew around the top. If it's a tight squeeze for your machine, you can do this by hand, but make sure you sew it tight enough so it won't fall apart. Pull the cuff upwards, and roll down the cuff (like you would a sock), so the raw edge is hidden inside.

  3. christmas cracker tutorial

    Using a loop of bakers twine or string, hand sew this into the corners. Repeat with all your stockings, making sure they're all facing the same way. Attach to string to complete your garland.

diy christmas stocking garland

Let me know in the comments below if you still hang up stockings as a family tradition. If you make this Christmas stocking garland, or anything from my blog, please let me know. We have a bite-sized treat coming tomorrow. Can you use the advent calendar to guess what it might be?

*These product were sent to me by The Fabric Fox. You can read my full disclaimer policy here.