My Autumn Skincare Saviours From The Body Shop

Monday 5 November 2018

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My love for The Body Shop is about to be reborn... yet again.

A couple of months ago, I had shared with you my current haircare routine, using my favourite new grease-combating duo from The Body Shop. Now it's the time for me to let you in on how they are saving my skin this autumn. My skin adapts to new weather quite, erm, badly? I feel like as soon as there is a wind in the air, and the heat has died down, my skin falls to an overdramatic death. I'm not sure if my skin feels like it deserves a whole range of new products, or if my skin is just that sensitive, either way, as soon as the autumn weather kicked in, I knew needed something new.

Buying skincare is always an overwhelming chain of events for me, especially if I'm buying something completely new. My fear is always spending too much, and getting zero results. I think I might have gone into The Body Shop five times (and numerous online searches) before I made the decision of what I actually wanted. What I love about The Body Shop is, their skincare is coloured for different skin types, and you can even go as far as ordering by skin concerns. This makes it really easy to find exactly what you need, (the staff are always such great help for any advice you may need too).

the body shop skincare review

Like I said, my skin can be very complex, which is why I have a variety of different coloured products; meaning my skin needs differently focused products for different parts of my routine.


Cream cleansers are a must if you wear make-up, or if you feel like your skin needs that extra bit of cleansing. When I travel to London, I always make sure I use a cleanser first; with all that pollution, I feel like I need a deep clean. The Vitamin E cream cleanser is suited for all skin types, and is a great source to help protect against pollution, and UVA/UVB rays. The formula is light and creamy and is also soap-free. This is something I always look for in skincare as I can find soap-based products drying for my skin, and seeing as the cleanser would be the first product in my routine, I don't want it to dry out first. Ingredients include wheatgerm oil, which provides a deep cleanse and helps to remove any impurities from your skin. The texture can seem a little thick, but I apply it to a flannel before working it into my skin and avoiding the eye area. It sinks into the skin very easily and leaves it feeling soft and supple. It has a very neutral scent; reminds me of how you would expect skincare to smell. That sounds slightly strange, but all I mean is it smells like freshly cleansed skin. This is a perfect little purchase if you need a very simple cleanser that does all the things a cleanser should do.

.@helloaycan is sharing her autumn skincare saviours from @TheBodyShopUK


When it comes to facial skin, I was always on the hunt for something that would feel intense and really work into my skin - I'm not completely sure why. Unlike the rest of your body, the skin on your face is sensitive and should be treated with a little more caution. For my skin, I opted for the Squeaky Clean Tea Tree scrub for blemished skin. I was quite a blemeshy teen, and I have a few marks remaining on my skin. Seeing as a scrub works to exfoliate your skin, remove any impurities and dead skin, and unclog pores, something suited for blemished skin is exactly what I needed. It has a very light texture, with natural beads, which is gentle on the skin. So gentle, you can actually use this scrub daily - I still only use it twice a week though. I put a pea-sized drop onto my finger and work it into my skin in a circular motion concentrating on my chin, and t-zone, where I know needs a little more love. I am then left with smoother and shine-free skin, and it also doesn't leave my skin feeling tight, which is something I would find in a lot of scrubs I would use. Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which are exactly what you need with it comes to blemished skin. I am dying to try their tea tree oil which you apply straight to those problem areas.


After visiting a number of The Body Shop stores, when talking about my skin, this is the one product they would always recommend - and I'm very glad they did. Just like when it comes to scrubs, I would always opt for facial washes targeted to blemish-prone skin, which would always be in conjunction with oily skin too. That was a problem for me as my skin hasn't been predominantly oily for years so it would end up drying up my skin in more of the sensitive areas, such as under my eyes and cheeks. This is where the recommendation for a seaweed based product came to light. The Deep Cleansing Seaweed Gel wash is best suited for combination and oily skin. This is, again, a soap-free, and also an oil-free wash. Seaweed is perfect to help rebalance moisture levels in your skin, so in my case keeping my oily skin away, as well as helping those drier areas. I use this twice a day, and my skin has definitely thanked me for it. This is such a fresh (freshly scented too), and light gel wash it feels like there is nothing working on your skin, but the results say otherwise. Another thing I love about this product is that it feels cooling on the skin when you first apply it, which is a nice little factor.

the body shop skincare review


Just like the cream cleanser, this is part of the Vitamin E range, and the properties are very similar between the two. This Hydrating toner is my companion when it comes to face masks. (Yes, I know I haven't included any in this post, but I have too many to even count that I'm trying to get through before I make any more purchases.) I have actually poured mine into a spray bottle, which I find easier to use. After I have removed any traces of face mask, I simply spray a few squirts onto a cotton pad and remove all traces of face mask, again, avoiding the eye area. This toner is light, refreshing, and includes no alcohol, which is yet another blessing for the skin.


Am I allowed to say this is my favourite product, and will be repurchasing this again? (What I am talking about? I'll be repurchasing all of these if my skin lets me!) I've always been a little fussy when it comes to moisturisers as it's the final product you leave on your skin and should work throughout the day and night. I was torn between two products, and after testing both, I knew I had to go for the Glow Boosting Vitamin C moisturiser. Just my luck it was sold out in 3 stores and online - but I guess it shows how loved this product is. The vitamin C range is ideal for skin that is feeling a little tired and dull and needs refreshing, especially in this dark and breezy weather. Talking of refreshing, the scent is such a lovely light zesty orange! The lightweight formula sinks straight into your skin and leaves it feeling hydrated, with no oily or heavy feeling hours later. The vitamin C properties help to clarify your complexion and bring out a healthy, natural glow. So much so, my Mum even made a comment about how glowing my skin looked. A little goes a long way with this product, and even though I use it twice a day, I am still working through my 50ml tub.

Let me know in the comments below if you've shopped at The Body Shop for skincare, and what are your go-to products. If you haven't, what products are you looking forward to trying the most.