Everything You Need to Know About Blogmas

Friday 26 October 2018

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"Oh my gosh Aycan, can't you talk about anything other than blogmas?"

Erm well...

Okay, I am a little guilty of the over-excessive comments about blogmas, but Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I just want to make it last as long as possible. And let's face it, you must be here because you either want to know what all the fuss is about, or are on the lookout for some advice. If you're a complete newbie to this topic, please check out this post I had written last year, how to prepare for blogmas. It's an overall guide of the very basic things you need to know - it was written by me before I actually completed a full blogmas.

Now that I've been through the entire process, I feel like I can share a whole wealth of knowledge with you.

christmas festive flatlay


This is usually a closing point I like to make, but I'm starting with it first - to really emphasise on it. Blogmas is an opportunity to have fun with your blog. I was really excited when I came up with all the ideas for blogmas, and couldn't wait to get started. Once I started to get down to work, it stressed me out a little a lot. I know this can be hard for some as this is their immediate reaction when things aren't going as expected. Even if you couldn't manage to complete what you had planned, that's ok. Luckily, there is no such thing as the blogmas police, so you honestly can't go wrong.


While blogmas is only run for 24 days during December, it can get a bit tedious and similar when you see the same posts repeated. Take a completely new outlook on those very repeated topics. We are all going to see a rapid increase of gift guides coming up, but instead of doing just a 'beauty guide' think of a way you can make it unique and distinctive to draw in new readers. How about a guide based on a particular colour, scent or theme. Put together a guide (or posts in general) targeted towards your niche; something for book, music or tv lovers, crafters, bakers, or artists. This shouldn't just be set for guides, if you're a fitness blogger why not try a healthy festive recipe, or if you're a book blogger, try creating Christmas cards or decorations inspired by your favourite books. It's those little details that get the attention of your readers.

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Has there ever been something you wanted to try on your blog but felt like it wouldn't sit well with your niche, or not what your audience would expect? Try it during blogmas. Whether you want to show off your festive makeup looks or a look into how you decorate your home, blogmas is the perfect opportunity to try. Last year I had a craft and baking theme, (along with lifestyle posts), and it gave me the chance to really push what I can do and I am so thankful for it, as it has definitely impacted my blog ever since. It always feels like a risk to experiment, but incorporating Christmas into your ideas may be all you need to start sharing new things in the next year.


This was definitely my biggest downfall. I spent all my time focusing on creating the content, I let the promotion slip. I would recommend incorporating non-blogmas posts too, as well as any relevant festive posts you may have written previously. Put together a list of hashtags and accounts for all social media. If you're creative or just love promoting, utilise all social media avenues and find a way of sharing your posts in a way your readers will enjoy. Think about how you could use Instagram stories to its full potential, or make little videos or animations. I even went as far as creating an advent calendar to promote my posts. Pinterest users love Christmas, so I would highly recommend creating images especially for them.


Did you know some people don't like blogmas, or even Christmas? Even though you will be posting for 24 days consecutively, your usual readers may not be as passionate about the festivities as you are, and you may see your usual numbers drop... then again it may increase. I wouldn't get dishearted if your views drop slightly, this is why promoting your non-blogmas posts are important too. I personally did gain a new bunch of readers, some of which are still reading my blog.

christmas festive flatlay


I wish I had thought of this before, but at least now I will never forget it. This doesn't work with everything, but if there is a way for you to actively share a post after Christmas, make sure you take a set of non-festive photographs too - even if it's as simple as removing any of the Christmas props. I have quite a few bakes which don't look like 'Christmas', but there is no way I can promote my churros cupcakes in the summer when there is a pink tinsel tree right in the background.


Blogmas shouldn't be seen as a competition, (just like nothing in blogging should), so share and comment on blogmas posts you see. Even if someone has thought of a similar idea to you, it shouldn't be seen as something to compare. I recently created a Facebook group called The Blogmas Exchange as a place to post your links and ask for any advice. It's a little quiet at the moment, but hopefully, it will be active in the coming months. I was thinking of creating a hashtag too (#TheBlogmasExchange?) to use across social media to help find likeminded bloggers. Let me know what you think.


Well of course I am. I will be completing the ultimate bakers/crafters dream with 12 delicious bakes, and 12 creative crafts. I started to plan back in August, and I am honestly finding it so hard to keep all the things I have created a secret - it will be worth it! I will also be experimenting and trying out new ways to promote my content, which if all goes well, will be carrying on into the new year. My blogmas will begin on 29th Novemeber where I will be revealing my annual advent calendar. I am so excited!

Let me know in the comments below if you're going to be taking part in blogmas this year. If you have done so previously, what's the biggest piece of advice you can share? If you like any of the festive creations in my photographs, they were created during blogmas last year, and you can find them all here.