Frank Body Coffee Scrub + Shimmer Scrub Review

Tuesday 7 August 2018

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Well, it’s what it seems like.

A very super quick summary because I literally mention this on every single post when I review a scrub, and in case you're new here (hello and welcome. Yes I’m obsessed with scrubs), or if you’re a frequent reader who has been with me since scrub review #1, (I’m not one to break traditions), I LOVE SCRUBS.

  1. I love to buy scrubs
  2. I love to use scrubs
  3. I love to talk about scrubs
  4. And most of all, I love to share my thoughts on scrubs, so here it goes!
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This year, more than any, has been really problematic when it comes to my skin. I've had the strangest patches of eczema which doesn't want to budge, and despite trying so many products, my 'chicken skin' (keratosis pilaris) isn't going anywhere either. That's why I take scrubs very seriously. Plus, they make you feel like a brand new woman, with freshly cleaned and super smooth skin.

I have been saving these since Christmas because I know I needed to use these for the summer. Do you ever do that? Save something for a certain time to use, even if it's months away? Takes good willpower I tell you that.

If you haven't guessed, today's post is all about Frank Body, and two, yes TWO, scrubs. I'm really spoiling you. Let's start off by talking a little about the brand Frank Body. They're an Australian brand who makes natural products for all over your body, and best of all, they are cruelty-free! They also promote body positivity, and their Instagram account is a breath of fresh air. I haven't seen Frank Body raved about on the UK blogging scene, so I knew I had to start this trend.

frank body shimmer scrub


My spirit animal is clearly a magpie as I am attracted to shiny materials, which evidently meant I needed the Shimmer Scrub. Not only is the packaging iridescent, but the scrub actually shimmers. As the packaging says "Follow the call of the disco ball," which is me after using this scrub. Okay, that's a little lie because, sadly, you get a light shimmery glow. Most people would be happy with this but I was hoping to come out of the shower glistening, (think Edward from Twilight sparkling in the sun)... but I think that would need PVA glue and a barrel of glitter. I've gone on a complete tangent there, but like I said; spirit animal = magpie.

Some of the ingredients include grapeseed oil, roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, salt and sugar. (There is of course gold and silver glow dust but I'm trying to talk as little about glitter as possible from now on). The combination of salt and sugar gives this scrub a good coarse texture, but don't worry, it's not harsh on the skin! The grapeseed oil is super moisturising on the skin, it's like your skin has formed a new, super soft layer. The scent is like sweet coffee, the perfect morning pick me up for sure.

I really enjoyed using this scrub, not just because of the g*****r, but because you can actually feel it working into the skin, which is why I usually side for sugar scrubs. One thing about this Shimmer Scrub, compared to the Coffee Scrub, is that it can get a little messy, but seeing as I'm a scrub expert, I was prepared for such event and now I'm going to pass on my wisdom to you. As this is a sugar scrub, if the content gets wet, it will go hard and solid so I would recommend scooping a reasonable amount into a pot and taking this into the shower with you. That way you can be sure you won't get any excess water into your pouch, and I really don't want you to be heartbroken either.

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The Coffee Scrub is the OG of all Frank Body scrubs and also the base of all their scrubs. There are so many benefits for using coffee on your skin such as removing dry skin, (which is what we are all here for), it helps to stimulate blood flow and promotes collagen production, which we need for youthful, plump skin. A beauty review and biology lesson in one; catering for all here on Little White Socks. As well as the coffee, other ingredients include cold-pressed sweet almond oil to hydrate your skin, vitamin E to protect your skin, and sea salt.

I'm not a coffee drinker myself, but the scent of this scrub is exactly how I'd want my coffee to smell; it's like a rich chocolate orange. It's honestly delicious! Unlike the Shimmer Scrub, this doesn't contain any sugar, so it's much of a finer texture. Don't let this fool you though, it works just as well. My body has been so spoilt! I would also recommend travelling and using it from a small pot in your bathroom as again, just in case.

frank body coffeescrub

Let's talk about price, baby.

This was a gift and came into two 100g pouches. I have been alternating between the two because A) I needed to use them equally for review purposes, and B) how am I supposed to pick a favourite? I have been using them for several weeks, twice weekly, and I am about half way through each of the pouches. You can buy a single pouch for around £13-£16 for around 200g, which honestly, is such great value for money seeing how far these products go, and for the ingredients included.

Final thoughts? I love these scrubs, and I have noticed a difference in the way my skin feels; it's honestly so soft and with no other changes to my body care routine, I have to give all the praise to Frank Body. I'm going to finish using both pouches and then add on my final thoughts, and if I have noticed any other changes in my overall skin.

Can I pick a favourite? No, of course not. But that was never the point of this post. It was to share with you what I can now call, 'my favourite scrub, EVER'. Don't worry about the lack of scrub review posts, they have a Birthday Cake Scrub, and Peppermint Coffee Scrub, I need to purchase soon.

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried any Frank Body products, or which scrub you'd love to try.