Mini Superdrug Beauty Haul

Monday 2 July 2018

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Hello Superdrug, and welcome onto my list of shops I am obsessed with.

I know Superdrug has been around for a very, very long time, but I've never done my usual shop there. Times have now changed; I am a fully fledged Superdrug obsess-er.

superdrug beauty haul

You know I can never (I think it's a problem across all bloggers who talk beauty), go and pick up one or two items, so I've bought a lot more. Perfect excuse to share it all with you. I love spending hours just looking at everything on the shelves, and I mean everything. Every Superdrug store varies with brands, so you just have to make sure you don't miss anything new. Even though it's so much easier to re-order your usual products online, when I'm looking for something new, it has to be instore. I need to smell, touch, (and if allowed) test the products before I buy.

superdrug beauty haul



My hair is one of the least fussiest things about me; I wash it, and if I'm feeling adventurous I might use a texturing salt spray and plait my hair while it's wet for a natural wave. One day while procrastinating watching Instastories (don't judge me, we all do it), Bleach posted a video, and rarely I have the urge to buy a product after watching a quick video, but it had me scrambling around for stock. The final result was a beautiful set of beach waves I knew I wanted... whether I could recreate this myself was another issue, but it will definitely help with the right products. I'll start off with the main product, Moussey Mousse. As you've guessed, it is a mousse for 'fatter, fuller hair', and you simply 'squeeze a small amount into palms of hands and rub together, evenly distributing between roots mid-lengths and end.' You can use before you blow dry with a brush for volume, or for voluminous beachy hair, use a diffuser. I have tried to use a diffuser a few times before, but I'm not going to lie, I had no idea what I was doing. With a little help from that video, I think I'm in good hands now.

bleach london hair products

Another product was shown in the video which wasn't a necessity, but with a buy one get one half price offer, it became a must. The Hair Elixir helps to 'quench drier than dry ends' with a brilliant shine and silky finish. It comes in a glass bottle with a pipette, making it easy to know how much to use. This can be used on dry or wet hair, which is good for those days when my hair has clearly formed an alliance against me. I haven't done a full hairstyle tutorial/review on my blog yet, but I do feel like these products need to be raved about. These products are vegan and cruelty-free, along with the whole of the Bleach London range.

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You can never have too many shower products, but yes, I did buy these because they're going to fit in perfectly well in any of my flatlays. Despite the colour palette influence, I went for cherry and almond milk, because I absolutely love cherries, and the scent reminds me of Bakewell tarts which is an even bigger plus for me. I also went for sweet apple and vanilla milk, which has a scent similar to fizzy apple, again I can't complain about a choice I went by colour, but I think I've done very well. These are moisturising shower milk instead of the usual shower gels so it will be very luxurious on the skin.

superdrug cherry skincare


When Skinny Dip has a new beauty release, Aycan has to buy! This time they have teamed up with Imperial Leather to create a range of three foamburst body washes. I picked up two; Berry Blast, which is a combination of blackberry and wild fig and has a very sweet currant scent, very pleasant for the summer. Of course, I went for Cherry Bomb too, with a combination of cherry blossom and vanilla, which has a strong vanilla scent and cherry subtly in the background. I love the influence Skinny Dip have on the packaging with the fun, hand-drawn doodles. These are the first products I'll be trying as a foam version, so I'm excited to jump on that bandwagon.



I have been lusting over I Heart Revolution eyeshadow palettes for so long! Actually, I have been lusting over a lot of their products. The two palettes I picked up is the Mermaid Heart palette, which are a selection of blues, golds, and greens shades, and the Unicorn Heart palette, which are a selection of pinks, blues, and silver shades. They both have shimmer, mattes and satin shades, so I really do have the whole spectrum covered! Sadly, due to unexplained (and very annoying) patches of eczema on my eyelids, I haven't been able to try these out yet, but I'll be sure to share my thoughts very soon.

i heart revolution eyeshadow palette

Let me know in the comments below the latest products you've picked up from Superdrug!