5 Books I Wish Were Made Into Movies*

Tuesday 23 January 2018

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Recently, I have started a new relationship with movies. Since my very long, (but definitely earned) Christmas break, I have finally learnt to relax a lot more, and have found myself watching a movie or two, or ten. I was never much of a movie fan, I like to blame my short attention span, but if the movie grabs my attention within the first 15 minutes, it will have me for the rest of the movie. This theory also works with books too; I need to fall in love with the characters within the first few chapters.

Today I have teamed up with Panasonic* to talk about the Oled TVs Panasonic. They deliver the best picture quality and colour accuracy, it's the perfect way to sit back and enjoy a movie coming to life right in your living room. Talking of movies coming to life, have you ever been reading a book and start to imagine exactly how the characters would look, down to how many freckles they have on their face. Or could imagine the sounds and smells of the places they visited? I love nothing better than letting my imagination run wild in a book, but I also love to bury myself under a pile of blankets, a huge bowl of popcorn in hand, and get lost in the beautiful scenes on screen. So, I have combined the two. I have picked 5 books which I hope one day will grace my tv screen.

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This is such a feel-good book, so I know after watching this movie I'll be feeling high-spirited, empowered, and ready to take over the world. That's all down to the character Libby; she might not have the most confidence in her body, but she has so much confidence in herself, and won't let those bullies take her down again. Another of the main characters is Jack, who suffers from prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness. He doesn't recognise the faces of the people around him, not even his own. I have never seen prosopagnosia portrayed on screen before, so I'd love to see how they'd help the viewers really understand how Jack sees the world. There are so many parts of this book which I know would make the greatest scenes, one being the purple bikini. I envision loud, positive music, with the camera panning around the school, then to the purple bikini. I could go into so much detail with how I'd love it to be, but I don't want to ruin the book in case you haven't read it yet.

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Eleanor and Park is the first young adult book I read and it opened up a world of books I didn't know about, so it makes it a little special for me. The adaption of the books would give you nothing but nostalgic feelings of butterflies for your first love. It's set in the 1980s so I'm expecting a lot of retro fashion and memorabilia. I love watching movies set in past decades, and I do spend time looking around the room seeing how interiors have changed, and what they've styled on their shelves. I always pay close attention to things like this, I hope it's not just me. The book is set out in dual narrative, which makes for great viewing too, if they kept it like that. I love to see the same scene from different perspectives, which really helps you get to know your characters a little more, and exactly what they're thinking.


This is one of my favourite books of all time. (Along with All The Bright Places, but that's already getting turned into a movie, so I'm not going to waste a wish on that. Though I do wish it would come out soon). I could honestly read this book over and over again, but seeing as I'm a slow reader, that would take forever, so having it in a movie format would make things more time effective. This would be one of those movies you'd need to watch at least twice to really capture the motives of the characters because big storylines and details get revealed closer to the end of the book. I did read this book a few years ago, and my memory usually fails me, but I can always remember the way the locations were described, and how the connection between Noah and Jude (the two main characters, who are also twins), made me feel. The book also has a dual narrative, except it's the perspective of Noah at the age of 13, and Jude at the age of 16. Seeing both characters personalities, style, and dreams change over the years would make great viewing. I heard this was getting adapted back in 2014, but sadly, still no confirmation.

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I have recently finished this book and I am obsessed. I’m going to write a full review of this book as it definitely deserves it, but before I even opened the book, I knew the whole concept would have me hooked straight away. A slight problem with this book is, it was way too short. I would have loved the book to explore dreams much more. It may not have been the easiest thing to read, but it would make for an amazing movie or even adapted into a mini tv series. Help us as viewers finish watching the movie and understand how dreams work, why we dream; the basics of dreaming really. The book also features short chapters describing Alice's dreams, and they are no way near realistic but would look so beautiful and creative on screen. Just think, tower blocks made of Jenga, dragons wearing Italian woollen scarves, and getting lost in a giant fluffy duvet.


This might be slightly cheating as I haven't finished this book yet. I'm currently five chapters in and I already love it, so by my theory, I'm confident enough that this feeling will carry on throughout the book. The book is about Steffi, who suffers from selective mutism, and Rhys who is deaf. What will make this movie special for me is how the characters will express themselves on screen, which is all very easy when reading a book but not so much visually. I hope it would be much more than a simple voiceover. Seeing that the whole premise of the book is being able to communicate without making so much noise, you should feel that throughout watching the movie too.

Don't forget to check out the Oled TVs Panasonic if you're ready for an upgrade, or want to give yourself a little new years treat. Let me know in the comments below which books from your reading list you wish would one day become a movie. I love talking about books, so if you're looking to add a few more to your reading list, check out my book reviews.

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