35 Small Acts Of Self-Care You Can Practice Every Day

Saturday 27 January 2018

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More than ever I am realising how important self-care is. I like being productive, working hard and doing the best I can in every aspect of my life. I've always been the kind of person who works hard but doesn't play as hard as I should. I can't always justify taking time away from work. I liked to work myself until I can no longer focus. It's a horrible way to be, but I'm changing that this year, and finding a brand new focus; me.

If you can't spend time looking after yourself, then who will?

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My main goal of 2018 is to put myself first by doing more of what I love, spending time with people I want to, and finding ways to make myself happy. The first way to do this is with self-care. In case the term 'self-care' is new to you, how I like to describe it is a way of looking after your mind and body by putting your wellbeing first. Knowing how to look after yourself, and knowing what works for you. If this is something you don't do, or haven't thought about doing, then I hope this post more than all the others I have written will inspire you to start incorporating self-care into your daily routine.

Over the past year, I have read so many blog and social media posts talking about how they practice self-care, which I absolutely love. It's the way I discovered the term and learnt more about it, and I guess this is me passing on my wisdom. One thing I want to get clear when it comes to your self-care and your wellbeing is there is no right or wrong way. The key word there is 'self' making each and every act personal to you. No two ways will ever be identical, and they never should be. Sometimes it’s more geared towards your wellbeing, such as completing your full skincare routine or exercising more often. Sometimes it can be more challenging tasks such as ticking something off your ten-year bucketlist, or making a phone call you never thought you could. Today's focus is on the small acts you can do every single day; most of which can be done throughout the day, so they won't take up all your time. If it does, that's totally ok too.

I have written a list of 35 ideas to help inspire you. You may want to use what I have chosen, or they might help spark new ideas to make your routine personal. How you like to put together your routine is again, up to you. You might make a list and refer back to it when you need to, or you might prefer to schedule it into your diary, whether it's to allow yourself to pick something from the list each day or to have it already written down.

.@helloaycan is sharing 35 small acts of self-care you can practice every day

self care flatlay
  1. Stay in bed for an extra 15 minutes (If you need to sleep, sleep.)
  2. Prepare a homecooked meal (Fresh, healthy meals always makes me feel better.)
  3. Losing yourself in 3 chapters of a book (Focus your mind onto somthing else.)
  4. Put on a facemask (My favourite time to facemask is in the morning. It's a gamechanger!)
  5. Sit quietly in a place in you find comforting (Sometimes you need to be alone with your thoughts.)
  6. Oragnise your bedroom (It always relaxes me to organise.)
  7. Complete a page in a drawing journal (Doodle away.)
  8. Pick out a new/favourite outfit (Wearing something that makes you feel good.)
  9. Put together a gratitude list (Reflect on the things that make you happy.)
  10. Keep off social media (We spend too much time scrolling.)
  11. Take 30 minutes out of your day to complete your favourite hobby (Photography for me.)
  12. Write in your journal (Transfer your thoughts and feelings onto paper.)
  13. Take a nap (Short bursts of rest.)
  14. Watch your favourite movie you’ve seen a million times (My request would be a Disney movie.)
  15. Unfollow accounts who no longer inspire you (Remove the negativity.)
  16. Focus on work or study (Keep your mind on things they should be on.)
  17. Try simple yoga techniques (Even if you're a beginner, online videos can help you start.)
  18. Tell yourself one thing you love about yourself that day (Help spend some positivity.)
  19. Take yourself away from anything that makes you feel uncomfortable (It's ok to say no.)
  20. Drink a glass of water (Refreshing!)
  21. Write a list of things you want to do (Whether it's a daily list or your bucketlist.)
  22. Clean your surroundings (Clearing your space helps clear your mind too.)
  23. Take a bath (The number one way I love to relax.)
  24. Put together a playlist of your favourite songs and listen. (Currently listening to mine while I'm writing this post.)
  25. Water your plants (Help a new life grow.)
  26. Treat yourself to snacks (Dairy milk is all I need!)
  27. Spend 30 minutes doing something that relaxes you (I need to spend more time colouring.)
  28. Smell something that's comforting (Let it bring back good memories.)
  29. Do something you've been putting off (A new sense of accompliment.)
  30. Make a phone call to someone you love (Hearing a voice you recongise can be comfortating.)
  31. Tick off an aim from your to-do-list (Always try and be productive.)
  32. Go outside (Fresh air can really do wonders for your mind.)
  33. Do something you used to love when you were younger (I have a new obesssesion with jigsaw puzzles.)
  34. Think about all the things you're proud of (Even if it's over the duration of that day.)
  35. Pass on the favour (Do something to help others.)

I know I have a long way to go to fully understand what I need in and around my life, but practising daily acts of self-care is really helping. I can't express how important it is to focus on yourself as much as you can and most importantly, not feel guilty about it. Let me know in the comments below your tips, tricks, and what you like to do to practice self-care.