Champneys Detox Seaweed & Sea Salt Scrub Review

Thursday 15 June 2017

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champneys detox seaweed sea salt scrub

I'm one of those people who loves to make regular Boots visits, and just spend hours looking at all the products and coming up with feasible reasons to why I have decided to buy 5 nail varnishes in different shades of pink. One thing I did really need during my recent visit was a body scrub. I love myself a good scrub. I think I mention this in every post possible about skincare. I get dark/red pores on my legs so a regular exfoliating routine is needed to help keep the skin clean, and remove any dead skin.

I have already tried and tested a lot of scrubs, but one brand that caught my eye was Champneys. I absolutely love the packaging and graphics on all of Champneys' products; they're very simple with positive quotes in beautiful typography. They had a few different scrubs available, but I chose the detox seaweed and sea salt scrub because both do amazing things for your skin. The sea salt helps remove the dead skin, whereas the seaweed helps to soothe and soften the skin, and they're both rich in minerals to help cleanse and revitalise the skin.

champneys detox seaweed sea salt scrub

The scrub is presented in a jar with a clasp fastening, which help keeps the scrub from drying up, or being overexposed to any moisture from a bathroom condition. Sadly the metal clasp has started to rust so I won't be able to reuse it after. Does anyone else like to find new purposes for empty product containers, or is it just me? The scent is one thing that really confuses me. Don't get me wrong, the scent is really nice, but it smells neither like seaweed nor sea salt. Every time I ask someone what the scent reminds them of, it's always something different, usually on opposite ends of the scale. To me, it smells like baking apples.

.@helloaycan has reviewed the detox seaweed and sea salt scrub from @champneys

The scrub has a good consistency, and you can feel the coarse sea salt. You're also able to scoop it up and rub it onto your skin without it flaking away. I hate messy scrubs where most of the product ends up in the bath and not on your skin. How I prefer to use the scrub is on dry skin, because I like to use it really intensely. This can be used on wet skin for a more frequent use. I take a small handful and rub it into my skin, and using a scrubbing mitt, work it in with a circular motion. I rinse off, and carry on with my shower. Your skin is left feeling really smooth and moisturised, but I always recommend using a body lotion too.


Would I buy this product again? Yes and no. No, I wouldn't buy this exact scrub again, but yes I would love to try another scrub from the Champneys range. I've been using this scrub every week for over a month and I still have half the tub left, so it's definitely value for money at £12. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a new body scrub that is easy to use, and very effective.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any Champneys scrubs and what you thought. I'm always open to any recommendations, so let me know those too.