Creating The Perfect Shower Experience - Lush Edition

Friday 12 May 2017

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If I asked you to describe Lush to me, you'll probably pull out words about the scent, their cruelty-free ethics, and...

bath bombs.

Bath bombs have become the signature product at Lush, with so many different scents, ingredients, and colours turning our baths into something pretty special. I have probably tried around 80% of the bath bombs, but there are so many other products you can use to take care of your body. I worked at Lush last summer, and a majority of the new customers would always say they've heard about the bath bombs. I am guilty of that too. Entering a Lush store pre-Lush employment would involve me heading straight towards the bath products.

lush shower body products exclusives

I love a bath as much as the next Lush addict. Bath bombs, glitter, bubbles, bath melts, I'll throw it all in and indulge myself. The thing with baths is you need time. When I have a bath, I have a baattthhh, as in I like to be in there until I am a red prune. This takes at least an hour, and to me, that's the time equivalent of about 10 hours, so I sadly can only have a bath on selected, preplanned days, which doesn't come around very often. I had to find other ways to make myself feel and smell amazing, whilst using Lush products, preferably in a quick shower scenario. I have already spoken about my daily morning and evening routine using only Lush skincare, but now it's the turn of the shower products.


I don't really need to describe to you how shower gels work as I'm sure you're a frequent user, but at Lush, you can choose between a shower gel or a shower cream. A shower cream is more of a creamier consistency, a little more luxurious. The scents (like most things at Lush) are really pungent, so it will fill your bathroom, and leave the scent lingering on your skin. This is my usual go-to daily shower product. Each gel or cream has specific ingredients targeted to help your skin in different ways, such as Dirty Springwash to help invigorate and cool your skin (perfect for gym users), and The Olive Branch, to help condition your skin. My all time, never ever going to change my mind favourite is Snow Fairy. This is only available at Christmas, but I love it that much, I make sure I have enough to last me throughout the year.


A product you might not have tried or seen is the showders. They have the same main ingredient as bath bombs, sodium bicarbonate, which reacts when you add water. All you need to do is pour some into your hand, add a little water, and the two will combine to create a beautiful soft lather. They come in three different scents, Candy Floss, Lemon Sherbet (which smell exactly how they sound) and Life's A Beach, which includes sand and sea salt, so it will give you a little exfoliation too. I don't use these very often, but if I've got a little extra time, I'll be picking up my showder box. Talking of showder boxes, I absolutely love the packaging. They remind me of old-fashioned, 60s laundry detergent boxes.

lush shower body exclusive shower gel showder wash card


If you're looking for something compact and travel-friendly, you need to pick up a wash card. I think these are the most innovative product at Lush. They might just seem like a piece of paper, but when mixed with water, they do actually lather and turn into a wash. My mind is blown. They're made from a base of fresh honeydew melon pulp (yes, I don't get it either), and come as a wash sheet, wash card, or wash business card depending on the size you get, and you only need to tear a small piece.


I wish fun was around when I was a child, but let’s face it, I still have as much fun with it now as an adult. Fun is your 4 in 1 product which can be used as a bubble bar, shampoo, soap, and as something to play with. 10p from each bar goes to a children's project in Japan which makes the purchase that little more special. They come in solid colours, or you can get the rainbow mix, and some even have a theme. My favourite is Mermaid, which is an exclusive at Oxford Street. How could I resist anything that glittery? If you've seen it, you know what I mean! The scents all vary depending on the colour, but there is something you'll love. Another favourite is Reindeer And Robin, which smells exactly like cola and even features chocolate reindeer nose and eyes. The easiest way to use these is to run your shower loofah (or whatever you use) under running water, and rub the Fun into it.

.@helloaycan is sharing all her favourite @lushltd shower products.


I think soap is probably the most underrated product at Lush. I love everything about the soaps especially the way they are presented and look; really big, oversized, colourful shapes. I also like the fact you get them cut and wrapped for you, which makes it a little more personal, plus, if the soap is made up of different colours or textures, you will rarely get the same piece twice. There is literally a scent for everyone, and even feature a few of the signature scents like Karma. I use them the same way as I do with Fun, and you can really build up a big lather with these. I have written in-depth reviews on Rockstar, Sexy Peel, and Porridge, so don't forget to have a read of those too.

lush body shower exclusive fun soap


I am not going to ramble on again about how important it is to exfoliate your skin (face and body), so I'm not going to... but, who doesn't want their skin to feel super soft? The scrubs at Lush comes in a bar and a tub, and of course, I have tried both. The bars come in the form of either a sugar or salt scrub, and personally, I prefer using salt because shockingly enough, I haven't tried the sugar scrubs so I can't really comment. Rub Rub Rub (tub version) has quite a runny consistency, but don't let that fool you. The combination of fine sea salt and lemon juice helps remove all the dead, dry skin while softening and hydrating too. This was one of my favourite products to demo at Lush because people were surprised that a product with that consistency could have that much of an impact on their skin. Rub Rub Rub is that good, it also comes in a bar. The initial ingredients are the same, but obviously, a few differences to keep the bar solid. Pictured is the Salt And Peppermint Bark body scrub, which is from the Christmas range. I love anything with peppermint, so this is always on my list every Christmas. I do slightly favour the bars more as I like to really scrub my body so I usually exfoliate on dry skin, and with RRR tub, it's harder to get an intense feel.

Another product I love is Buffy. This bar is made from natural butters, cocoa butter and shea butter, which leaves your skin nourished and conditioned, plus it's filled with ground rice and almonds, and aduki beans for a gentle exfoliation. This is perfect if you need something which you can use daily to help hydrate your skin as well as provide a light scrub.

lush shower exclusive body conditioner scrub lotions


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the first and only place I know to buy body conditioners. In case you're completely new to this concept, I like to describe them as an in-shower body lotion, for those days, usually really cold ones, where you don't want to spend ages using body lotion. To use a body conditioner, once you have finished your shower, on damp skin, scoop some out and work it all over your body and then rinse off. Even though it's only on your body for a small amount of time and it is washed off, all the benefits are left on your skin. My favourite is Christingle from the Christmas range. I love the scent, which is a very strong peppermint, and when I had this demoed on me (along with a scrub), I spent the entire day stroking my arm because it felt so soft. When I tried it at home though, I had a very different experience. Don't get me wrong, the scent and how it left my skin was exactly the same, but you know when you chew on a mint, it leaves your mouth feeling all cool? Well, the exact same thing happened to my body, plus it was the middle of winter. I was shivering! I have now found a perfect use for it in the summer to help cool me down.


I am so lazy when it comes to body lotions, hence why body conditioners are my go-to. During the winter, my skin always get a little dry so I always make sure I include it in my after shower routine. What I love most about Lush's body lotions is they are so moisturising and nourishing, but they don't sit on your skin and make you feel sticky. Karma Kream is my all time favourite. The karma scent is so beautiful, and it lasts on your skin for a while. Charity Pot is great for the winter as it's filled with olive oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter which are the most moisturising combination ever.

I definitely haven't covered all that is available at Lush, so next time you go in-store, skip past the bath products and go towards the shower. Let me know in the comments below your what is your all-time favourite Lush product, and a product you are dying to try.