51 Fashion Post Ideas For The Camara Shy Blogger

Monday 8 May 2017

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Hi, my name is Aycan and I am camera shy.

There is nothing more mood changing than when you're having fun with your friends, and someone gets far too excited and says "ohhh, let's take a photo." Seriously, why did they have to ruin all the fun? I was perfectly happy knowing how I looked would be a distant memory, but now there is photographic evidence that will haunt me for eternity.

I think the only time I am happy can tolerate an impromptu photography session is when the photos are taken on my device, taken from the shoulders up, and preferably a snapchat filter with a very large animal covering my face. As you can tell, I am not a fan of being in front of the camera.

fashion style outfit ootd flatlay

When I started my blog way back when, my initial idea was to blog mainly about fashion. I've grown up with fashion, studied it, make it, I just know fashion very, very well. So, the time came to start working on my fashion posts and... I'm pretty sure you know where this story is going. I didn't feel like I could class myself as a "fashion blogger" because all I was putting out was outfit flatlays. They didn't get much of a response, (well nothing I blogged back then did), so I stopped talking about fashion, but I now feel like a change.

Don't get me wrong, fashion is of course about style, and sharing your outfit is a great way to express that, but this isn't the only way you can inspire your readers.








Like the last point says, just get creative. Even if you love your outfit shoots, but not sure what to write alongside it, these post ideas are perfect for you too. I have also written a fashion post ideas guide, catered more for the camera lovers. Don't feel like you're restricted to sharing an outfit post. You may not feel confident enough in front of the camera (yet), but love fashion, so hopefully these post ideas will inspire you to post more about fashion, or even start!

fashion style outfit ootd flatlay

Here are 51 fashion post ideas for the camera shy bloggers by @helloaycan

  1. A wishlist What are you loving this month?
  2. 5 pieces of clothing that mean the most to you We all have them, let us know why.
  3. Your shoe collection Categorise and create a shoe series, or pick your top 5.
  4. Your ultimate shopping playlist What do you like to listen to on solo shopping trips.
  5. How to find your own style You might have perfected yours, or experimenting with different styles.
  6. Review your favourite Fashion Week collections Talk about patterns, fabrication, and overall show experience.
  7. Your fashion story Can start from your early teens, or when you were teeny tiny.
  8. Illustrate your outfit Don't want to share photographs of your outfit? Draw it instead.
  9. Your holiday fashion essentials Share your fashion pieces which radiate those holiday vibes.
  10. Your fashion photography set-up Share all the equipment and editing tools you use.
  11. Your latest fashion haul What have you been buying lately?
  12. Tips for shopping the sales Whether it's online or in-store, tell how how to grab the best bargains.
  13. Favourite fashion quotes Use quotes to express what fashion really means to you.
  14. What it's like working in fashion Share your experience, and tips on getting that job.
  15. Where you gather your fashion inspiration Magazines? Instragram? Street style?
  16. How to organise your wardrobe By colour or season?
  17. Fashion trends you don't understand This list is endless!
  18. Top 5 movies with the best fashion style So many characters who's wardrobe I could steal.
  19. Tell us a story about your worse fashion mishaps< We definitely need photographic evidence, sorry.
  20. A guide to ____ Anything your fashionista heart can dream of.
  21. Fashion magazines you're always reading Could be new finds, or your staple read.
  22. Customise your unwanted fashion Turn something to don't need into something new.
  23. Fashion Instagrammers to follow We are always looking for new accounts to follow.
  24. Comparison between high-end and high-street fashion Finding the perfect high-street alternative.
  25. Do's & don'ts for attending fashion events Let's all be prepared.
  26. What's in your bag We all love having a snoop!
  27. Celebrity style you admire Who and why.
  28. Advice on becoming a fashion blogger Pass on your wisdom.
  29. Fashion pieces everyone needs in their wardrobe LBD and heels?
  30. Your A-Z of fashion Could be a theme, or an overall list.
  31. Fashion styles you wish you could pull off Sometimes we just can't make things work.
  32. Style hacks Help us keep a stress free life.
  33. Independent fashion stores you love Share your less know fashion stores.
  34. How to create the perfect fashion flatlay Background, props, lighting; we need to know it all!
  35. Where to donate your unwanted fashion Are there any fashion schemes you know?
  36. Explain your love/hate relationship with high-street fashion As much as we love the high-street, it does drive us crazy.
  37. Your handbag collection Handbags are a girls best friend.
  38. What not to do when borrowing your friends clothes Keep away from the red wine.
  39. DIY fashion accessories Create your own accessories, or revamp your old pieces.
  40. Favourite fashion bloggers Share the love
  41. 7 Things you hate about fashion blogging If only it was that glamourous.
  42. Favourite fashion stores from across the world This could be from experience, or a bucketlist.
  43. Whose wardrobe do you want to steal the most Celebrity or blogger?
  44. Your fashion bibles What fashion books are your favourite?
  45. Complete a shop report of your favourite store What do they sell? What are their current trends?
  46. Favourite perfumes Top 5, or scented theme.
  47. Interview your favourite fashion blogger Find out all about their style.
  48. Favourite fashion apps Shopping, style, or inspiration.
  49. A tour of your wardrobe Let us into your world.
  50. How to transition your wardrobe through the seasons Keep all the essentials.
  51. Favourite fashion documentaries A real behind the scenes look at the world of fashion.

Let me know in the comments below if you prefer being in front of or behind the camera. If you overcame your camera fears, let us know how. Don't forget to link your posts below if you are inspired by any of these ideas.