Under The Sea | Top 5 Nail Colours For Spring

Monday 6 March 2017

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I want to start off this post by saying how proud I am of sticking to my 17 promises that I made at the start of 2017; I have scheduled weeks off to concentrate on my fashion and have already started making clothes, I have contacted brands and had positive responses, and I've even had more time to relax, read, and take long baths. My next promise I'm on my way to completing is painting my nails. Pretty simple right?

barry m gelly nail paint

The most annoying thing about painting your nails is finding the right time to actually paint them. You have to make sure you've been to the bathroom, eaten, and not expecting any visitors. I hate it when you completely forget that you've painted your nails and you have to slowly check to if there is any marks or chips. Forget marks, I always end up with the worlds biggest smudge through one nail, usually, the one which was beautifully decorated with glitter. You then have to try and use nail varnish remover without getting it on any of your other nails... please tell me I'm not the only one with these nail struggles!

I feel like I started this post so positively and then it has gone way, way down, but in all honesty, I really do love painting my nails. I always treat my nails like another piece of accessory which adds a little colour to your final look. I just wish I could grow my nails to a decent length so I could really experiment with patterns and designs, but I guess I'll have to stick with playing with colour. I didn't really have a theme when I started this post, I just wanted to share a spring-inspired nail paint palette, so I started off with wanting to do a gradation of pinks with glitter (of course), but that had been done so many times before and I felt really uninspired, so I did what I always do best; close my eyes and just pick one. This was the starting point to creating one of my favourite spring-inspired nail paint palettes.

.@helloaycan is sharing her favourite spring nail paint palette using @BarryMCosmetics

barry m gelly nail paint

From left to right Blueberry, Greenberry, Prickly Pear, Mustard, and Eldeberry, all Barry M and all part of their 'Gelly In Shine' nail paint collection. The gelly nail paint has a really glossy finish, obviously mimicking that of a gel uv colour. These are very easy to apply, and you only need two coats. It's been 4 days, and luckily, no chips. Pastels are a very spring shade, so this palette includes 3 pastels, but also 2 brights. I have tried to not make it a typical spring palette, so have kept away from the pinks, and made it more underwater inspired with blues, purple, green and yellow. The Greenberry and Mustard really stand out against the pastels, but I really adore the Mustard. It's completely different to all the other colours, but I always love to include at least one nail with something different, whether it'll be a clashing tone or glitter.

These colours work well on their own as well as grouped in pairs. Like I mentioned above, my nails are too short to do anything creative, so I've gone colour crazy and used the entire palette. Looking at them through the bottles, you wouldn't think they would work, but they do, though they slightly remind me of Crayola colouring pencils... I think it's because they're block, bold colours, but I love that.

barry m gelly nail paint

Let me know in the comments below which are your favourite colours from the palette, and what you hate most about painting your nails.