52 Weekly Goals To Help You Become A Successful Blogger

Thursday 16 March 2017

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Setting goals are important when wanting to run a successful blog, but setting realistic, achievable and feasible goals is even more important. There are so many aspects when it comes to blogging, and things can change so fast, it sometimes doesn't seem practical to make yearly goals. Instead, I make weekly goals ranging from statistics, social media, content and life outside blogging. I pick up on things that I think I really need to do to improve my blog.

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These may be weekly goals, but they aren't something to just do once and forget, well hopefully you don't. Once you try something and realise how much it improves your blog, keep doing it throughout the year. I've listed a basic idea of some of the things you can do, but they're all very customisable, the only rule is, you have to try the goal for at least one week! I've mixed the topics up so you can go through the order from top to bottom, or you can mix it up.

.@helloaycan is sharing 52 weekly goals to help us become better bloggers 💖😘

  1. Come up with 10 new blog post ideas each day.
  2. Find 3 new blogs each day similar to your niche and tweet your favourite post from them.
  3. Gain __ followers on Twitter.
  4. Learn a new thing about coding each day.
  5. Read a book for 1 hour a day.
  6. Draft, write and perfect your vision and mission statement.
  7. Organise your blogging files on and offline.
  8. Do something new each day that doesn't involve blogging.
  9. Experiment with different props and backgrounds for your photography.
  10. Pin 30 pins each day on Pinterest.
  11. Create freebies to share alongside your posts.
  12. Schedule 4 blog posts on Twitter each day.
  13. Revamp old posts.
  14. Get involved in blogger chats.
  15. Get out the house and explore for at least 1 hour a day.
  16. Draft and write 2 posts completely out of your niche.
  17. Learn a new thing about SEO each day.
  18. Gain __ followers on Instagram.
  19. Organise a weekly event for your readers to take part in (bookclub, photo-challenge, ect).
  20. Each day pick a blogger you love and share on Twitter why.
  21. For your blogs birthday, write an honest post about blogging.
  22. Drink 2 litres of water a day.
  23. Check through social media and unfollow inactive/uninspiring accounts.
  24. Create 5 Pinterest worthy images for your posts.
  25. Gain __ followers on Facebook.
  26. Each day offer to help another blogger (proof-read, promotion, coding, ect).
  27. Take 5 photos each day which can be used on Instagram.
  28. Draft a new post each day.
  29. Learn a new thing about photography each day.
  30. Join 3 blogging networks/forums/Facebook groups each day.
  31. Everyday find 3 inspirational quotes and share them on Twitter.
  32. Read 10 blog posts each day and comment.
  33. Learn a new thing about monetising your blog each day.
  34. Gain __ followers on Bloglovin'.
  35. Draft, design and perfect your media kit.
  36. Plan a week of meals.
  37. Update blog pages (about me, contact, ect).
  38. Schedule a mix of original and useful content on your Facebook page.
  39. Everyday share your blog somewhere you haven't before.
  40. Draft 5 posts about topics you've always wanted to blog about but been afraid.
  41. Each day plan a weeks worth of posts.
  42. Spend the mornings or evenings away from social media.
  43. Create 'collections' on Bloglovin' and add 10 new posts each day.
  44. Complete blog analytics each day.
  45. Everyday post something on social media you're proud of.
  46. Gain __ followers on Pinterest.
  47. Check all image are optimised.
  48. Email 5 brands each day with your media kit and a proposal.
  49. Learn a new thing about Google Analytics each day.
  50. Make a design change on your blog each day.
  51. Draft a post about everything you've gained and learnt from your weekly goals.
  52. Take the week off from blogging. Do it.
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I have included these as a free downloadable, and also a blank sheet for you to fill your own in if you prefer. If you try something and see it's not working, change up the task a little. Not everyone runs a blog in the same way, nor do they work the same way so these all won't work for everyone. Completing a lot of little goals can really help push your blog forward in a way in which can really help you become even more successful. Another important rule is when you have completed the goals, give yourself a little treat. Hard work should always be rewarded.

Let me know in the comments below any weekly goals you are already completing each week. If you try any of these, I'd love to hear how they have worked for you.