Lush Valentine's Day Haul

Sunday 22 January 2017

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As an avid Lush fan, it slightly shocks me that I have never tried any of their Valentine's day range. I usually buy everything in the Christmas collection, but this time I limited myself to a few things. I say a few things, it actually was 1000g of Snow Fairy and 500g of soap. The Valentine's day collection consists of the usual products we all know and love from Lush; bath bombs, bubble bars, bath melt, message bar, shower cream, soap, lip scrub, lip gloss, and a completely new product I am most excited about a business wash card.

lush valentines day haul

I'll start off with the traditional bath bombs. The collection consists of 4 bath bomb, 3 of which are in the haul. The one I am most excited about trying is Lover Lamp. *SPOILER ALERT* as the bath bomb fizzes away, there is a release of 3 large cocoa butter hearts as well as tiny little hearts. The colours may be kept very minimal, but the hearts sure do make it beautiful. The scent is very pleasant with a mix of brazilian orange oil and vanilla absolute. The real treat is the cocoa butter and extra virgin olive oil as those always leave my skin feeling super soft.

My favourite scented product has to be Rose Bombshell. It's a beautiful pink bath bomb with a simple raised rose detail. This also contains something hidden inside, which I'm sure you can guess; rose petals. Combining floral scents such as rose absolute and geranium oil with fruity lemon oil has created a sweet, fresh, rose scent, which reminds me slightly of the Rose Jam Bubbleroon. It also contains fine sea salt which I love in bath bombs as it's a great exfoliant, especially when your skin is in a warm space. This is the perfect companion for a relaxing nights bath.

lush valentines day haul rose bombshell lover lamp bath bomb

I'm not going to lie, I did pick up Cupid because I thought it looked so cute. The scent is very sweet and very comforting, kind of like Parma Violets. It again mixes florals and fruit with ingredients such as violet leaf absolute, rose petal power, fresh raspberry juice and lime oil. Unlike the other two bath bombs, there is nothing hidden inside, but I can imagine the two tones of pink from the heart and arrow blend to make the pinkest of baths which I love just as much.

I am so in love with @lushltd's Valentine's Day collection 💓💓

A product I was so excited to pick up was the Kiss Me Quick Business Wash Card. This isn't a new concept to Lush as they do sell wash cards and sheets exclusively at the Oxford Street store. To use these, all you do is rip a piece off, mix it with water and shower away. It is made from fresh apple pulp which is great for removing dead skin and refreshing the skin. Despite it being mainly made from apples, it has an uplifting, slightly woody but floral scent too. With a business card size, you can get about 3 washes with these, and as I have never used a wash card before, I can't wait to try this.

lush valentines day haul kiss me quick wash card cupid bath bomb

When I was trying to pick another shower product I was slightly heading towards a soap, but when I realised Prince Charming was actually a shower cream and not gel, I had to pick that. I absolutely love shower creams, they're a little more nourishing and soft on the skin. The scent is just so reminiscent. There is nothing more nostalgic than the sweet scent of vanilla pods and marshmallow roots. I honestly love this scent so much, I really wish this becomes a permanent. A major stock-up needs to happen!

If you love a good old fashion bubble bath with the softest bubbles, then you'll need a bubble bar. This collection contains 3 including an emoji, and last years favourite a unicorn horn, but I had to pick up the Ladybird (or as I like to call it the 'love bug'). I love anything minty or cooling in the bath, so with peppermint oil, this was a must for me. The scent is really cooling, not a strong peppermint, but with the added geranium oil, it reminds me of a cold walk in a park filled with flowers.

lush valentines day haul ladybird bubble bar prince charming shower cream

I loved writing this post as I spent half of my time just smelling and falling in love with each and every product. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of the Valentine's products, and which is your favourite.