January Favourites

Wednesday 25 January 2017

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I love to watch monthly favourites on YouTube. Knowing those are someone's prized possessions for a month really inspires you to try something new. I hadn't seen this style of post on a blog, but after approval from my blogging friends, plus knowing this is something they wanted to read, I thought I'd share mine. When I started to plan my post, I didn't realise I spoke about so many things, but I had to try and narrow it down to 10 things I have treasured the most this month.

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I have quite an easy hair routine, and I'm lucky in the fact that I can just wash my hair and leave it to fall in its own natural way. No fuss, which is great. I've experimented with a few different types of hair products to help work with my natural curls, but TIGI Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray has to be my favourite. I simply spray it into the bottom ends of my hair while it's damp, scrunch, and let it dry naturally. It adds a little bounce, volume, and defines the curls, plus it smells amazing. It's the perfect product for an effortless hair routine.

I have already mentioned this in my Valentine's Day haul, but Prince Charming Shower Cream has to be one of my new favourites from Lush. It's a blend of fresh pomegranate juice, grapefruit oil, marshmallow root and vanilla pod infusion, which has created such a fresh, sweet scent. I'm sure it's because I've always been a fan of anything sweet, even when I was really young, so it has such a nostalgic feel; think sweetshops, beaches and ice-cream. As it's a shower cream, it's so much softer on the skin than a gel, and it leaves me (and the bathroom), smelling beautiful and luxurious.

If you know me, (or have seen my social media), you would know I love anything shiny, glittery, or iridescent. I was going to buy this last month, but it was sadly sold out, however I was lucky enough to find Holochrome Lip Gloss in the shade 'Moon Light' from Models Own during their January sale. On its own, you get a light glossy shimmer, but I love mixing it with another colour creating my own iridescent shades.

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I call it a scarf, others will call it a small blanket. I say a win-win having something so big and warm wrapped around you in such cold weather. I got the pink checked scarf from Hollister for Christmas in 2015, but for some reason, I didn't start wearing this until this winter. This is a reason which I cannot explain nor remember. It's literally the biggest and cosiest scarf I've ever had, and after a long day, it's perfect to take a little nap buried inside.


I go through phrases of revisiting and falling back in love with my favourite perfumes, this month it's the turn of Viva La Juicy from Juicy Couture. I adore any perfumes from Juicy Couture, they're always so fun and fresh, and the bottles are adorable! Viva La Juicy is fruity, sweet and slightly floral, it's one of those scents that gets people asking what I'm wearing. I bought this while I was in California, so it's very reminiscent of the summer sun and cool water.

My candle of choice this month is Caramel and Pink Pepper from Bomb Cosmetics. I love opposite combinations, so sweet and spicy scents for me are a must. The initial scent is quite warming with a blend of pepper and sandalwood, but you then get that slight comforting sweetness from the caramel. I really wish this came in a fragrance as it's something I'd love to wear.

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When I heard Halsey was releasing a new song I got very excited. The song Not Afraid Anymore which is taken from the Fifty Shades Darker movie soundtrack has been stuck on repeat since its release. It has a dark feel, which Halsey does perfectly, and even though it's just a single for a movie and has no reflection of her new music, I am happy with anything new.

A book that I have loved this month is Palo Alto by James Franco. It's a book of short stories based on the troubled youths of Palo Alto, California. I watched the movie a while ago, and I knew instantly this was something I had to read. The stories are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, but together they make a really gripping piece of work. I love how there is no holding back with the characters, so you can really feel the emotions, stresses, and struggles of this group of teenagers.


Cross-stitching has been something I have loved since I can remember. It's a great way to relax while still doing something. (I'm one of those people who hates to relax and do nothing.) I got the Disney cross-stitch while I was in Disney World back in 2009. Yes, 8 years on and I am still trying to finish it. In my defence, I go through sudden phases where I can't put it down, to put it at the back of my cupboard where it's never to be seen for months. Another thing I forgot to mention is that it is 18" x 24", which is huge compared to my usual hand-sized design. I am determined to try and finish it this year.

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My favourite meal of the day has to be breakfast as I love nothing more than waking up to a big bowl of something healthy. I have tried many variations of overnight oat bowls, but I wanted to try something different. Inspired by JessBeautician's recipe, I created my own peanut puffed rice using peanut butter, natural puffed rice cereal, and agave syrup. Mix together and then bake in the oven to create your own healthy alternative to a sugary cereal. I love to have mine with bananas, chia seeds, flaked almonds and coconut milk.

I hope this has inspired you to try some new things in February, but let me know in the comments below what you have been loving this month.