My Mid-Year Resolutions

Sunday 1 June 2014

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mid year resolutions

As I had only started my blog in April, I never got to do a New Years resolution post, so as it's June, I thought I'd do one now. I've never really set myself any significant resolutions before, so I'm wondering how I'm going to do with these.


For the past 4 months, I've been so busy with blogging, I've kind of given fashion a backseat. As much as I enjoy blogging, I want my career in fashion to be my main focus in life. I've set the weekend to be my blog writing days, so they're ready to be posted for the weeks ahead. During university, I literally spent all day and night working on my design work, so after finishing, I felt like I needed a break from it. I didn't want to just go back into design because I felt I had to, I wanted to find inspiration and feel excited to be going forward with fashion. I think I've got to the stage now were I have so many exciting ideas for projects, I want to be spending my days designing. To utilise all my time, organisation is key. It's sad to say, I'm one of those people who likes to work closer to deadlines as I enjoy working under pressure, but I think in situations where possible, I need to start spreading things about. Set myself small deadlines for part of a project, so I am still working under pressure to a shorter deadline, but still working towards that final deadline ahead. I've been wanting to be a designer since I was around 14, there's no giving up now!


It wouldn't be resolutions without one about food, would it? I'm going to be practical here, I love food, so I don't think I can give anything up, but I am going to cut back or replace it for a healthier option. As a vegetarian, I am always checking labels, not only for meat, but I have started checking for the number of unnecessary ingredients. I enjoy cooking and I am going to set myself a mission to cook myself fresh meals every day. I want to try and eat more natural things so I know exactly what I'm putting into my body, might even try my hand at growing my own vegetables. I've been really wanting to go to a whole foods store and buy lots of pure, organic foods. As long as what I'm eating is healthy, I can eat as much as I want, right? Not sure if anyone would enjoy reading those, but I might even do a series on some healthy meal ideas. Let me know if you think that you'd enjoy these.


It's sad to say other than fashion, blogging and music, I don't really do much else. Especially with fashion, it can take the most out of you, so having other hobbies is a good way to relieve stress and keep a constant and clear state of mind. Other than with school and travelling, I haven't really done much when it comes to photography. For the photographs I take on my blog, my sister has been teaching me how to use the manual functions, and I think I'm kind of getting the hang of it and want to experiment more with photography. I got a Lomogography fisheye for my birthday a few years ago and still haven't used that, so that will be fun to have a play with. It's good to be active, but I don't do any sport and I do want to try something, maybe along the lines of aerobic exercise. The idea of public exercise scares me, but I'm going to try!!


I'm one of those people who can be reluctant to certain ideas, and I want to start saying 'yes' and have a positive outlook to situations. I guess this can go with the public exercise comment above. Saying yes to things can help me try something new, meet new people, gain new opportunities and build self-confidence. I think a positive outlook on life can sometimes be hard, but if you don't let negative thoughts keep you from doing things, you will constantly be striving forward. This will be a great mind to have when applying for fashion interns in the coming months; pushing myself forward and having a positive attitude no matter the outcome.

I will be coming back to these later on in the year to see how I am getting on. Hopefully, I have inspired you to start some mid-year resolutions so let me know in the comments below what yours are, and also if you like the idea of a healthy meal ideas series.