Golden Egg and Immaculate Eggception | Lush Easter Review

Saturday 19 April 2014

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I have been using Lush products for about 8 months now so this is the first time using the Lush Easter range. After knowing what they had on offer at Christmas (snow fairy mmmm), I was soo excited to see what Easter had to offer. I was expecting cute little bunnies and chicks and sweet aromas and I was not disappointed. A huge carrot which they slice into bars of soap as well as a bunch of carrots which you swoosh in your bath, I wanted it all. The main products I use from lush are their bath range, so I have selected two of my favourites from the range to review.

GOLDEN EGG - £3.50

lush easter golden egg

Put down your chocolate eggs, the Golden Egg has arrived! Described by Lush as a "glistening golden bath melt and bath bomb rolled into one". As you can see, the egg is covered in gold glitter, which was what drew me to the egg, though the glitter has gotten everywhere, including my camera, (not complaining, everything just looks better with glitter). The smell is quite sweet, if you have ever tried their charity pot, it's got a similar smell to that, kind of like Turkish delight and toffee. Ingredients include cocoa butter and olive oil which is good for softening the skin, and sweet wild orange oil and bergamot oil which helps to provide uplifting and refreshing aromas to help cleanse the mind as well as the body.

lush easter golden egg lush easter golden egg

The bomb is made of two layers, so as you put it in your bath, the first layer, which is the bath melt, slowly melts away filling your bath with a shimmering gold colour and little drops of olive oil. As you reach the second layer, the bath bomb begins to fizz and creates a trail of  white bubbles. This is a very slow dissolving bath bomb compared to the others I have tried but as it's combined with the melt, I think they have tried to tone down the fizzing. The smell isn't as strong as it was initially but I think this creates a more relaxing mood. The colour is a strong yellowy, limey green colour, think highlighters.

As I got into the bath, my skins were covered in the soft olive oil completely moisturising my skin in minutes. This had the same moisturising feel of 'star light star bright' which was a silver glittery star bath melt that they brought out at Christmas. The smell is soo relaxing and was present throughout the whole bath. I do prefer bath bombs to bath melts as I like how it creates a miniature show in the bath with its eruption of colours and bubbles, but as this is a combination of the two, it's the perfect package. The bath is left with a layer of glitter which is easily washed off but if you aren't one for glitter, you should stay clear from this. The morning after, my skin is still feeling soft, the smell has now faded although it was present for a few hours after the initial bath.


Great value for money. I'll definitely be popping back to Lush looking for a non-seasonal product similar to this one.


lush easter immaculate eggception lush easter immaculate eggception

Cleverly named the immaculate eggception, inside this bath bomb is either a chick or a bunny, which you'll have to break open to find out. Obviously, something like this would be in my basket without a moments thought. The egg comes in either yellow or pink and is two bath bombs in one, which you can use the shell for one bath and your cute little surprise for another bath. The smell reminds me of old-fashioned sweetshops, sweet and refreshing, like sorbet. Ingredients include vanilla beans, probably where the sweet smells originate from, and grapefruit and lemon oil which is used to uplift your mood, clear your mind and help to feel refreshed.

lush easter immaculate eggception

Cracking it open, I got a little yellow chick, too cute to use so I chose to use the shell instead. Just like any other bath bomb from Lush, you drop it in its entirety, and as it hits the water, watch the bomb fizz away in a fusion of colours leaving behind a bright pink bath. It was eggcellent! What? If Lush can make egg related jokes, so can I.

It felt like bathing in jelly, not from the texture but the pink colouring! It kept the sweet smell which I liked but it didn't make my skin feel any different. I was quite disappointed in this especially it is priced quite high. I think if you like sweet smells and use a bath to just relax in, this is perfect for you, but if you want something to moisturise your skin, I personally wouldn't try this.


Far too expensive for what it is. If this was a regular product, I wouldn't buy it, but depending on if Lush changes it for next Easter will depend on whether I buy it again.

Let me know if you have tried any products from the Lush Easter range and what you thought about it.