A Mini Paperchase Haul

Wednesday 27 February 2019

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The term 'mini' is used very loosely here as this Paperchase haul is far off from being small, but not big enough to be a huge haul.

It is filled with journals, pastel stationery, and animal-inspired products, so if that's something you also love, you must carry on reading.

I'm actually surprised this is the first time a curated amount of Paperchase products (is this a fancy way of saying haul?!) has appeared all in one post. You will always catch a product in my flatlays, as I'm usually grabbing a couple of things when I pop in store. After being spoilt for Galentine's Day, and spoiling myself because, well it was a Wednesday and I had some spare time, I have accumulated some lovely products I would love to share.

paperchase journal haul flatlay


I had noticed over the past year or so that Paperchase have been doing an amazing job at creating interactive, fun and niche ideas for journaling and hobby inspired books, but after seeing a hand-lettering book shared on social media, I hadn't realised it was created by Paperchase themselves. I absolutely hate my handwriting, to the point I will do anything not to have to write by hand. Even though the hand lettering journal is an introduction to calligraphy, I think it may help with the overall look of my handwriting. The book is laid out beautifully, starting with 'your kit' and suggests a range of pens, pencils and paper best suited for the activity. It then introduces you to the very basic technique of calligraphy, and then it's time for you to start practising. The entire book is filled with faded grey letters and words so this is definitely the interactive book I was after. I also love how it has printed text to help encourage you and to not feel 'daunted by specialist equipment', and that 'it's a building process'. Throughout the book, printed guidelines, and blank pages give you the chance to really get the creativity flowing. The book is split into halves with the front guiding you through a modern take on your more traditional calligraphy, and the second half is dedicated to modern typography, which I'm most excited about trying. This would be perfect to help me with logo designs and creating new fonts. I'm going to set myself an hour or so every weekend to really get practising.

.@helloaycan is sharing her latest picks from @FromPaperchase


My handwriting tends to be a little more legible when I use a fine tipped pen, so I had to buy these aesthetically pleasing, pastel fineliner pens. They have a really fine nib so it instantly stops my writing looking chunky, and unlike a lot of fineliner pens I've previously tried, the nib doesn't extend out of the top, which is even better for me as I usually press too hard and break those very quickly. Have I already mentioned that I hate my handwriting? If you have pastel pens, you need pastel pencils as they'd clearly come as a set, so I also got a set of HB pencils that have fun little quotes etched into them, such as 'dream love wish', and 'don't give up your day dream'. At the moment, they are being used as my new favourite flatlay prop... oops!

paperchase scrapbook flatlay

Washi tape is a crafters dream, (you can never have too much), and I'm always after something that's a little different - well as different as you can be with washi tape. The heart tape comes in a set of three, and unlike most tapes, you peel the backing (like with double-sided tape), to reveal a link of flocked hearts. Anything that is flocked is instantly amazing in my eyes, and the fact they're adorable hearts just make it even better. This will be perfect to a border on a card or decorate photographs in a scrapbook.


One of the gifts I was most excited about receiving for Galentine's Day (thank you to my sister), is the 'Jam Packed Full Of Love' scrapbook. I have been paying close attention to their scrapbooks recently, (I fell madly in love with their Valentine's Day range) but not only does this look inspiring in its sunshine yellow, its pastel pink font tells you exactly what it's going to packed with... LOVE! One of my crafting goals for the year was to concentrate on papercrafts, so I'd really love to use a range of materials and play with different mediums and types of papers too. I want it to have a visual diary sort of theme, but with a little less structure. Storing memories of special occasions or fun events, and also if I get visual inspiration or something that I've currently been loving, put that in there too in the most creative way possible. For example, if I saw flowers and took a photograph, I'll create a textured version of those flowers with papers and inks, or if I'm reading a book and I have found quotes that inspire me, I'll fill the page with creative typography - with a little help from my new calligraphy book of course. I just want it to be visually exciting. Let me know if you're a scrapbooker, what you use yours for in the comments below.

hand lettering journal paperchase


Another sweet gift from my sister is the 'What Makes Me, Me' journal - and it has already inspired my most recent post Me From A-Z. I love having journals that include prompts as it's constantly creating new ideas and motivations. If I could be a journal, it would be this one; there are so many bright colours, fun patterns, and quotes to really inspire you. It's a creative journal to help you put pen to paper and share everything there is to know about you, which is usually a struggle for me, but with all the suggestions it's made easy and very fun. Some of the questions are to share your bucketlists, ultimate snack list, a road trip playlist, and your accomplishments and future dreams. It also includes spaces to add pictures, (which fits a polaroid perfectly), to share memories of your favourite days, recent photographs, and inspirations. My favourite part of the journal is at the back which is the 'ratings and reviews' sections where you can keep a handy log of your favourite and not so favourite movies, books, restaurants, and many pages to add your own with an out of 10-star rating.

paperchase journal styled flatlay


We all know how much I'm obsessed with elephants and do you know what's even better? When somebody buys you elephant gifts, and let's not forget the fact they were wrapped in elephant printed wrapping paper! I opened the gifts as slowly as possible to keep as much paper intact - I think I'm going to use the paper to decorate a couple of pages in my scrapbook too. Underneath all the paper, we have the most sweetest baby elephant sat on a fluffy pen. I have endless fluffy pens from Paperchase, but none of those are shiny silver. I also received a pack of sticky notes, which I know deep in my heart I won't be able to use. Does anyone else collect stationery, and leave them for those "just in case" days that never ever seem to happen?

Last but very much needed is my new cat cup. I am constantly drinking water, and it's become a lot easier with the help of a large cup which I can easily carry around the house while I'm working. (And do my best not to spill everywhere.) I've had mine for about a year now, so I wanted to upgrade to something that was shiny, and a lot bigger. I can't wait until the summer when this cup filled with ice, and cold water will become my saviour.

What do you think of my first stationary/journal haul? Let me know in the comments below, and also if you've bought anything from Paperchase recently. Any scrapbooking or calligraphy tips for an absolute beginner would be great too!