A New Year Beauty Haul

Friday 18 January 2019

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A New Year, a new set of beauty products I can't wait to try.

It's become a tradition for me to treat and pamper myself like an absolute Queen every January. Whether it's a gift I've received or something I picked up after months of lusting after it, (knowing I have no choice but to buy it now for blog content), this post is filled with so many new and exciting products I can't wait to try; all of which are cruelty-free.

cruelty free beauty haul flatlay


I want to start with something I haven't had many of recently; a bath. But as I may have mentioned a plethora of times before, just in case you didn't catch it, I am now a Bomb Cosmetics brand ambassador! Which means I'll get to try lots of new products and share all my finding with you. Bomb Cosmetics primary sell natural, handmade bath products which means for the foreseeable future, I will have to take lots of baths... for research purposes of course. In December I received a huge box filled with lovely goodies, many of which are in this post.

We will start off with a bath blaster, and the Sugar Plum Fairy Blaster*. It's got a very warming and relaxing scent of sugar plums and frankincense. A combination I wouldn't have necessarily put together but I completely love it. It also includes cocoa butter which will leave you feeling so soft and comforted. It has been decorated so beautifully (by hand I might add), with piping and two pink hearts. It has a layer of glitter, which I am obviously so excited about; shiny, shimmery things are everything! Next, we have this little cute the Twinkle Star Bath Creamer*, which may look small but it will do wonders for you. This bath creamer melts slowly in your bath releasing a sweet jelly baby fragrance of strawberry and raspberry. You will then be wrapped around a warm and comforting blanket of cocoa and shea butter, perfect for those winter days when you need a little more moisture.

.@helloaycan is sharing her New Years beauty haul filled with bath, shower and hair products.


I love to make having a shower more like an experience and just apply and moisture my skin with endless products. I think I may be stocked up with enough scrubs for the next 6 months. Frank Body are the only scrubs I use and love which was apparent to anyone buying me Christmas presents. I received The Out of Towners kit which has 4 scrubs; original coffee, coconut coffee, cacao coffee, and peppermint coffee. All of which are dedicated to different aspects such as the cacao to hydrate the driest of skins, and peppermint for stretch marks and soothing weary muscles. It came in a reusable drawstring bag and box which really made it the perfect gift. Seeing as 4 scrubs are clearly not enough, I also received the Green Tease Scrub. The green tea helps to calm irritated skin and blemishes. Can we take a moment to just admire the packaging? Each pack includes one of five tarot cards. It's been so hard to resist just tearing it open to see which I get!

I received a package from Bilou to celebrate their award nomination with the Pink Melon creamy shower foam*. With aloe vera, almond and avocado oils, and the sweet scent of watermelon this is just what I need for these cold and sad looking nights. You can read a full review of my favourite Bilou products here.

cruelty free beauty haul flatlay

A few more treats from Bomb Cosmetics is the Tickled Pink soap*. I do love a good old-fashioned soap, but ones that are pink and smells so pleasant is rated higher in my books. I'm not usually a huge fan of very floral products, but there is something about the combination of freshly cut-grass, carnations and jasmine that makes it so nostalgic. Dusted with a little glitter, this is the first new product I'm going to add to my shower routine. Opening the Raspberry Blower Cleansing Shower Butter* is honestly like releasing the fresh scent of a raspberry fruit ice-lolly. Unlike your usual shower gel, this comes in the form a of butter which you scoop directly from the tub, and lather it all over your body. Is it summertime yet?!

The Body Shop's festive shower gel has officially become another tradition. This year I was given the Berry Bon Bon shower gel and body lotion. I remember smelling this in store and thinking how much I needed this, so I was happy to unwrap this on Christmas. It smells like winter fruits in a bottle; cranberries and currants with a slightly sweet twist. Though I wouldn't recommend using this in the shower, as it came from The Body Shop I thought I would include it here, which is my new favourite product The Sparkler; a body powder spray filled with glitter! I will be a shimmering angel from now until forever.


Even though my hair is very easy to maintain, like I mentioned on my 50 lessons of 2018, it is the most stubborn part of me. Maybe it's due to the lack of affection I show it - which is why I'm going to spend some devoted time this year showing my hair some love. I'm a huge fan of Umberto Giannini and was intrigued to try their Grow Scrub scalp scrub. You all know how much I'm obsessed with scrubs, but it's very rare I find one dedicated to the scalp. The scrub is made with very fine sea salt granules and not grainy (which is what you'd want more for your body) so it's very delicate on the scalp. It's filled with caffeine and black coffee seed extract which helps to stimulate circulation to the roots for faster renewal of skin cells which helps new hair grow. What drew me to this scrub was the fact it helps to remove oil and build-up on the scalp. I have quite oily hair so anything that can help reduce that from the main source is something I need to try. I couldn't wait to get this all over my scalp, and even from the first use, I noticed that my hair and scalp felt super clean and refreshed, and less oily quickly.

cruelty free beauty haul flatlay

With such positive results, I had to try another product in this range; the Grow Mask. I have been looking to try hair masks for so long, but I always see them advertised for dry hair, which is the complete opposite to mine. I thought I'd take a gamble with this mask as it includes Irish moss which helps soften the hair, and coconut oil and shea butter which nourishes and moisturises the hair. Let's face it, no matter your hair type, that is all something we are aiming for. I'll just make sure not to add it too close to the roots of my hair as I don't want to build up any extra oils. Before I forget, these both smell absolutely delicious, just like chocolate!

A few more gifts I received from Bomb Cosmetics are two solid shampoo bars. The first is Hedge Tamer*, which has a lovely minty scent to it. It's filled with pure spearmint, and geranium and lavender essential oils to untangle your hair and leave it looking and feeling glossy. This is definitely a morning shampoo as anything with spearmint is the perfect 7am/wish I was still in a warm bed kind of moment. The second is *The Wow Factor*. This smells heavenly! It's so warm and inviting. This bar includes essential oils such as cedarwood and tea tree which will condition your hair to a beautiful silky finish. I have never tried a shampoo bar before, so I'm really excited to give these both a try. I'll keep you updated.

Let me know in the comments below any new products you've tried and have fallen in love with, or something from your beauty lust list.

*This post contains items from a PR package, but all opinions are 100% truthful and honest. You can read my full disclaimer policy here.

This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclaimer policy here.