DIY Festive Hand Embroidery Wall Hanging

Saturday 15 December 2018

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Christmas hand embroidery, oh you're my absolute favourite.

Out of all the craft and creative projects I do on my blog, or even in my spare time, hand embroidery, hand sewing, cross stitching, anything that involves fabric, thread and a needle is what I flourish at. It's what I've been doing since I was small and had a plastic needle with my very first cross stitch set - let's just say, I'm confident in this environment.

hand embroidery christmas wall hanging

Last year I put together three embroidery hoop art designs with a free printable so you could try it yourself, and you talented lot have! It's honestly the best feeling seeing that you guys are getting involved with the content I put out and making things for yourself. If you ever take inspiration from my blog or have recreated something I have, whether it's baking or a diy, please let me know. Knowing I've helped motivate someone just makes me so happy.

I spend far too much of my time browsing home decor websites, and even though I wish I could purchase every single thing, it's also a place I gather a lot of inspiration. I'm one of those people who if I can attempt (even just the slightest), to do it myself I will, especially when it comes to Christmas decor. I'm such a huge advocate for a homemade Christmas. Wall hangings have been really popular this year, and I wanted to try my own festive take on that; a hand embroidery wall hanging to be exact.

hand embroidery christmas wall hanginghand embroidery christmas wall hanging

If you have seen the movie Elf, you may recognise the quote, "there's room for everyone on the nice list," it's a fun little play on words, and it's completely true! Hopefully, my name will be on that list this year.

When creating the graphics, I played with a few fonts but wanted to emphasise on the words 'everyone' and 'list'. I'm constantly inspired by typography and I always love how they use different fonts and sizes to really create a motion in words. We needed a little decoration too, so I've added some lights (which you make recognised from my previous festive embroidery set), and some presents tucked in at the bottom.

I'm learning how to make this festive hand embroidery wall hanging with @helloaycan

When it came to the embroidery, I used a satin stitch throughout pretty much the entire thing. This is an easy stitch to do, it fills a space well but also just looks so good. To work alongside the different style of fonts, I chose a different colour story. For the main text, I split the letters in half and created a sort of ombre effect running vertically. For the italic letters, I used a glitter and red thread combo. I also used a variety of colours and glittered thread for the lights, and chain stitch for the wire. A chain stitch always looks so effective when you're stitching something that has twists as it naturally turns without any jagged edges. I dressed the presents with a few french knots and created bows using bakers twine.

The free printable is available below, which you can customise with any colours to match your own personal style.

Turning your embroidery into a wall hanging is pretty simple, I've got the full tutorial for you below. To add a little more colour, I've used a pom-pom trim along the bottom and two large pom-poms on my wooden dowel. This is a cute little festive way to add some fun and colour to any wall of your home or share it is as a gift which can be put up year after year.

hand embroidery christmas wall hanging


  • Embroidery printable
  • A piece of medium weight fabric
  • Hand embroidery threads and needle
  • Fabric to back your wall hanging
  • Wooden dowel
  • Large pom-poms and pom-pom trim (optional)


  1. Download the free printable and on a piece of fabric, trace the design and the initial shape of the wall hanging. Fill the areas with hand embroirdery stitches and other embellishments. Once you have finished, cut out your wall hanging. Trace this shape onto another piece of fabric and cut. This will be the back of your hanging.

  2. Place the two pieces on top of each other with the right sides facing. Pin together (pin your pom-pom trim now if you're using), and sew around the edge leaving the top open. Pull your hanging the correct way.

  3. how to make a festive hand embroidery wall hanging tutorial

    To create your holder, take a strip of fabric and use an iron to fold the longest edge about 1cm in both side, and the short edge 2cm in. Sew down the short sides, and then place one long edge behind the top of your fabric and sew across.

  4. how to make a festive hand embroidery wall hanging tutorial

    Fold the top of your holder and pin it in place so it will line up with the back. Carefully sew across the front. Push through your wooden dowel, and add yarn and giant pom-poms ready to hang.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of my hand embroidery wall hanging. And if you've seen Elf, what is your favourite quote? We have only 4 diys left, which I know you will all love. Don't forget to check my advent calendar for all you have missed so far.