A Gift Guide For Mermaid Lovers

Sunday 3 December 2017

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I think I'm pretty good when it comes to buying presents. I'm always paying attention to what people like, especially a few months before. That's when I'm paying extra close attention, even making notes. It's a shame not everyone I know is like this, I honestly feel like I'm the easiest person to shop for. Just buy me a few books, something that smells nice, and something covered in glitter and I'm happy. Last year I created a gift guide for fashion designers, packed full of design equipment and tools perfect for anyone interested in design. This year, I've gone for another one of my passions; mermaids.

I love mermaids, a lot. I'm not here to debate whether they're real or not, (they totally are!) but ever since I saw The Little Mermaid as a child, I hoped I would one day become one. I guess I have slightly grown out of that idea now, mainly because life on land is better than anything they got down there (sorry Sebastian). I'm sure you have noticed the shops are filled with mermaid inspired products, whether it's printed on clothing, iridescent bags, or glitter make-up kits, there is no getting away from mermaids. Here are some gift ideas to help inspire you when buying gifts for that mermaid lover.

mermaid gift guide


Despite spending all of their time in the water, mermaids are famous for their hair; beautiful, luscious, wavy locks. A product I love using is the Catch A Wave coconut oil beach texture spray from Umberto Giannini. It's a great product for quick and easy textured beachy waves, plus it smells amazing. They also have gift boxes and pouches filled with all the product they need to create their favourite look. Every mermaid needs a dinglehopper, but instead of using a fork, how about a Tangle Teezer? They come in a range of colours, (including pink glitter), and you can even get them personalised with their name, a mermaid inspired quote, or even a photo.

If you've ever been to Lush and haven't walked out covered in glitter, you've done it wrong... or you are nothing like me, and haven't touch every single shiny product. The Christmas range is probably the most glittery products available. My favourites include, and are not limited to magic wand, star light star bright, and a product I'm so excited to try this year, snow fairy sparkle jar. The perfect way to give your skin that glittery shine. As well as shower and bath products, Lush has an extensive make-up range featuring beautiful pigmented eye jewels, coloured eyeliners, and the most shimmery skin tints around.

mermaid gift guide stationary make-up

All mermaids need to shimmer all day long right? Social media is full of talented artists sharing their tutorials to transform you into a mermaid. Some more literal than others, but they all include a lot of pastel colours, sequins, and glitter. Most make-up brands will include some sort of shimmer products from lips, to eyes, to cheeks. Some of my favourites are celestial enchanted palette and holographic lip gloss from Models own, and dazzle dust from Barry M. A product from Barry M which is going to end up on my Christmas list, is the new glitter rush body glitter and fixer, which can be used on your face and body. For make-up brushes, all I need to say is Spectrum. They have the most mermaid inspired brushes, as well as holographic metallic brush roll, and a 'half unicorn half mermaid' bag to store your brushes.

Do mermaids wear nail varnish? Well, the humans who love them sure do. Most nail varnish brands include a glittery polish, but Barry M do a great range of glittery varnishes with a variety of colours, and glitter shapes. They also do art pens if you're buying for someone who is a little creative, and loves to create nail art. All the beauty products mentioned are all cruelty free, which I'm sure all the mermaids out there will be happy about.

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A polaroid camera is a must for everyone (mermaid lover or not!) It's a fun way to create instant memories, and I haven't been able to put mine down this blogmas. If they already own a camera, or you want to buy a few add ons, a glitter picture frame for their photos is a cute addition to their bedroom or office desk, and how about themed mini films. You can pick from candy pop, rainbow, and my favourite stained glass. I was buying sticker packs off eBay once, and accidentally brought polaroid sticker films, which you can stick over your Instax prints. I didn't have a polaroid at the time, but it's become very handy now.

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With the new year fast approaching, we all need to get organised. With what you may ask? Well with mermaid inspired stationary of course. Paperchase is a great place to buy all the stationary you'll ever need, plus desk accessories! A few pieces I am in love with is the sequin notebook, mermaid tape dispenser (look at all that glitter), and a 'what would a mermaid do' predictor pen, for when you really can't make a decision. Another shop I love is Typo. They do really fun pieces, and of course a lot of mermaid inspired things including a shell pen pot, slippers, and for those really cosy nights in, a mermaid tail throw!

make your own mermaid

If you're looking for fun novelty gifts, you need to check out Firebox. Firebox sells a range of fun and alternative homeware, tech, lifestyle accessories, and lots of unique gifts. They were kind enough to send me two mermaid goodies. The first is a make your own mermaid* which includes all the dough you need, glitter, mermaid heads, and tools to create your own mermaid. There's a step-by-step guide which is really easy to follow, and I really enjoyed making mine. This is a perfect gift for a mermaid stocking, and a fun activity to do on Christmas day. The next item they sent me is the mermaid shell candle*. This candle looks great on a styled shelf, or on your bedside table. Not only is it a candle, but there is something hidden inside. Once your candle has melted away, it will reveal a ceramic pearl which features one of five aspirational mermaid mottos. I haven't managed to get to mine yet, but I'm super excited to find out what it could be.


If you're looking for mermaid inspired accessories, the one place I can always recommend is Skinny Dip. From phonecases, to bags, to purses to homeware, you are never too far away from something that is either iridescent or covered in glitter, sometimes even both! My favourites are, and again are not limited to the mermaid make up bag, and the jewelled shell bag.

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The high-street is bursting with mermaid inspired accessories whether it showcases a shell or a mermaid herself, covered in sequins and glitter, or in my favourite colour ever, iridescent. It doesn't have to be anything over the top, a small set of glittery earrings or a multirow necklace can be perfect, depending on who you're shopping for. The same goes with fashion too, look out for anything with a shine, and with the new year coming up, you'll be spoilt for choice. Don't forget to stick to those Christmas traditions with socks and pyjamas too!

Let me know in the comments below if you'll be buying any mermaid gifts, or writing down a few of my ideas on your Christmas list. I have so many exciting posts coming this blogmas. If you want to find out more, check out my blogmas announcement, and my advent calendar to get some clues about what's to come.

*These products were sent to me by Firebox. You can read my full disclaimer policy here.