Christmas Lights Inspired Nail Art

Sunday 17 December 2017

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Let's talk nails!

It's been nearly a year since I made a decision to try a little self-care, and work on taking care of my nails by painting them as much as possible.

Now look at me, attempting another nail art.

My first design was inspired by the 90s; lots of colours, patterns, and shapes. For this idea, I wanted to make it a little simpler.

christmas lights nail art

I wanted to use Christmas lights as inspiration for my nails, but I didn't want to just do lights across my nails because it has been done many times before. You should know that I never keep my nails all the same colour, and like to play with layering glitter, so along with the idea of Christmas lights I have created this nail art set.

.@helloaycan is sharing her Christmas lights inspired nail art

For the base, I chose two colours, and one solid glitter; Dragon Fruit, Lychee, and Princess, (all from Barry M) alternating between the colours and having the glitter on the middle nail. Over the top of my index and little finger, I applied a coat of Pink Sapphire Glitter, to give my nails that extra bit of glitter. I love this glitter because it not only has tiny specs of glitter, but different shapes, sizes and colours too. This gives a light wash of transparent pink so you can wear it over any other shade, compared to Princess, which covers the entire nail.

christmas lights nail art

Now it's time to get really creative! This is going to sound strange, but trust me with this. To create the shape of the Christmas lights, I used a matchstick. I applied some nail paint on a piece of paper, and laid the matchstick flat into the paint, (the top end), and placed it on my nail. Test it out on your paper first to see if it's the right shape for you, but I love it. I have to give full credit to my sister who showed me this trick. I used a nail art pen to create the wire of the lights, but if you're all for that matchstick, file the end down into a point and dip that into black nail paint. To finish off, apply a topcoat, and show off your beautiful nails.

You can choose any colours you like, with or without glitter. What I'm starting to love about nail art is, even if it goes wrong, you can make it into something, no matter how abstract it may seem. Let me know in the comments below what you think of my Christmas lights set, and if you usually paint your nails for Christmas, what design do you go for. We have one more week left of blogmas :( but we have some really fun things ahead to prepare for the big day! Check out my advent calendar for all you need to know!