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Saturday, 2 September 2017

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You may think September is all about the ending of summer (sob) and the start of everything autumnal, or a fresh new academic start, but September is much more than that; it's the month of my birthday. This means for one month, Little White Socks is turning to all things about ME! That might sound a little strange as clearly, this blog is all about me, but things are about to get very 90s around here. I am indeed a 90s kid, and what's better than putting together posts inspired by my favourite things I loved from the 90s. Coming up this month with have diy's, food, a playlist, a very special freakshake, and so much more.

90s sweet biscuit wallpaper mobile tablet

First up, is a wallpaper set I am so in love with, I am having to change my wallpaper daily because I can't pick a favourite. 'My 90s Snackbox' is inspired by a very small selection of sweets and biscuits I was obsessed with as a child. I have given the love hearts a little makeover with some modern sayings. Though, I have seen love hearts recently with emojis on. Not going to lie, it made me feel slightly old. Next up we have party rings. I recently spoke about my love of these, and recreated my own vegan party rings which I have been craving ever since. The final design is iced gems. I don't know about you, but when I was little (and even a little a lot older) I used to break off the icing and leave them in the bag, and eat all the biscuit part first. What can I say, I have a very sweet tooth. These are available on both mobile and tablet, and look great as lock and home screens.

Free wallpapers inspired by 90s sweets and biscuits!




love heart wallpaper mobile tablet
iced gems wallpaper mobile tablet party rings wallpaper mobile tablet

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Let me know in the comments below what your favourite sweets and biscuits were when you were a kid.