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Tuesday 6 June 2017

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When I'm setting up for a photoshoot, I end up rummaging around my room, (well the entire house), and find anything that fits into the theme and enhances the photograph. While I was pulling out props, I came across an unused sketchbook. Since I left school I have been studying different forms of art, so a collection of unfinished sketchbooks isn't something out of the ordinary, but a blank one is. I used to spend hours in art shops trying to find new mediums to work with, and a sketchbook would always have to follow me to the tills.

rainbow wallpaper

I have been feeling really inspired to get creative lately, and I knew this sketchbook would be my new little project. I didn't want another drawing sketchbook, so I thought I would do something a little different and go with print. I have always been obsessed with printing all through my education and would try and incorporate it into my work in any way possible, whether it's a screen, block or digital print. I want this book to have no limitations, and just be filled with experimentations. I really think this is the perfect way to get back into my design work.

Check out these free rainbow wallpapers from @helloaycan

When I was redesigning my blog, I wanted to add some illustrations to my header. After drawing, scanning, editing and colouring, I decided that it didn't really fit into the aesthetics of my theme. Yes, for the first time ever, I have learnt to edit. I'm never one to waste loved work, so I decided to use the illustrations as the basis of my printing project. I was posting the process on my Instagram story (I'll be posting more, so follow if you'd like to see), and I had such a nice response about some of the designs, so I turned them into wallpapers. I picked my favourite design, the rainbow, and created these 3 different designs for your mobiles and tablets.

rainbow wallpaper rainbow wallpaper

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