60+ Blogmas Post Ideas and Tips On Surviving The Blogging Month

Wednesday 16 November 2016

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post ideas for blogmas

It has come to that time of year where the entire blogging community is thinking, "Blogmas, or no Blogmas?" Everything is filled with tasty creative foods, beautifully wrapped presents, and miles and miles of Christmas Markets. Blogmas isn't for everyone, but I absolutely love it! I did it a few years ago and even though I told myself I wouldn't do it again, I have decided to kind of do it again this year. I'm not committing to the full 25 days, but I'll be there for most of it. In case you haven't fully decided whether you are taking part, or you need a few more ideas, I have put together over 60 post ideas for a little helping hand.

.@helloaycan has put together over 60 Blogmas post ideas! #blogmas #bloggers

  1. Gift guides (so easy to make, but so useful)
  2. The Christmas tag (a fun quiz; here's one I did a few years ago)
  3. Tips for Christmas shopping (help everyone have a stress-free Christmas)
  4. Inspired nail art (lots of glitter and foils)
  5. Story about your best/worst/funny Christmas (we all love a good story)
  6. DIY advent calendar (make it really special)
  7. Favourite Christmas movies (Christmas isn't Christmas without movie time!)
  8. Favourite Christmas market (could be a bucketlist, or local)
  9. Christmas playlist (perfect to get you in the Christmas spirit)
  10. Non-Christmas Christmas playlist (for those who aren't a fan of the classics)
  11. Favourite YouTuber's vlogmas (I love watching these and so do a lot of people)
  12. How to revamp decorations (bring life back to old decorations)
  13. Share childhood photos (Christmas throughout the years)
  14. How to get into the Christmas spirit (share your top tips)
  15. A wishlist (a hint for those buying you presents)
  16. Christmas inspired cocktails (just for adults)
  17. Give up something until Christmas (please don't say chocolate)
  18. Favourite Lush Christmas products (I love Snow Fairy)
  19. A Christmas giveaway (Give a little something to your readers)
  20. Hairstyles for Christmas parties (can you make them festive?)
  21. Ideas for table settings (could be different ideas or the way you do yours)
  22. Would You Rather? - Christmas edition (another fun quiz, here's mine)
  23. Healthy Christmas options (apparently these do exist)
  24. Reviews of Christmas gift sets (you can find these everywhere)
  25. Festive inspired make up (could be for parties, or just really creative)
  26. Create your own edible hamper (small treats for everyone)
  27. Christmas on a budget (share your best advice)
  28. Documenting outfits for the whole of December (OOTD x XMAS)
  29. How you decorate your tree (I love how personal this is)
  30. Write a poem (something a little fun)
  31. A bucketlist for the whole of December (31 things for 31 days?)
  32. A bucketlist to complete by next Christmas (make 2017 a great year!)
  33. Christmas for pets (gift ideas, fashion, food)
  34. Favourite Christmas candles/scents (could be a review or a haul)
  35. How to volunteer/donate during Christmas (give a little something back)
  36. What Christmas means to you (make it truly personal)
  37. A day in the life (shopping, Christmas markets or festivities at home)
  38. Christmas themed baking (so many possibilities, here are my reindeer cupcakes)
  39. Things that drive you crazy about Christmas (long queues, cold weather and late deliveries)
  40. How you decorate your home (not just your tree, your entire home!)
  41. Vegan/vegetarian/gluten free Christmas dinner (an alternative dinner)
  42. Christmas inspired body-care (creams, washes and bubbles)
  43. Things to do at Christmas (activities inside or out)
  44. Christmas sales tips (help us get the best deals)
  45. Take your favourite dessert and Christmas it up (colours, flavours, decorations)
  46. Christmas traditions (how do you celebrate?)
  47. Stocking filler ideas (small gifts we all love)
  48. Things you love about Christmas (so many positive things to think about)
  49. DIY Christmas decorations (special touches for your tree and home)
  50. Christmas day OOTD (is it a onesie day or full glam?)
  51. How to prepare for the New Year (resolutions or things you want to achieve)
  52. Christmas breakfast ideas (pancakes, waffles or french toast?)
  53. Christmas party outfit (could be your favourite looks, or an OOTD)
  54. DIY Christmas cards (personal touches)
  55. Favourite Christmas decor (could be wishlist or haul)
  56. How your wrap your presents (could be a tutorial or a gallery)
  57. Christmas drinks (hot chocolate, latte or smoothies?)
  58. DIY gifts (create your own, or share your favourites)
  59. Favourite things that have happened this Christmas (post-Christmas love)
  60. Create your own Christmas jumper (the crazier the better)
  61. Your favourite posts of 2016 (could be your own posts, or others you've enjoyed)

We all know how crazy blogmas can be, so here are my top tips for surviving the festive blogging month!


We might be in mid-November but it's still not too late to take part in Blogmas. Write a rough idea of the posts you want to do, with an outline and key ideas. Work out what kind of photos you want to take; anything that has a similar theme, take those photos together.


I've already mentioned that I'm not doing the full 25 days, and don't feel like you need to. If you want to take part, but you have other commitment, or you want to have the best posts possible and realistically blogging every day won't give you the best quality, don't blog every day. There are no official Blogmas rules. Do Blogmas anyway you can.


Even though Christmas is a theme in itself, you might want to have a Blogmas with just food, or diy posts, or tips, tricks and hacks.


Whether it's with another blogger or a friend who loves Christmas, work together to create the best Blogmas. One can be in charge of photos while the other writes, or you can do the tasks together. This will help lighten the workload, as well as having festive fun with a friend.


I guess this is for anyone who is blogging during winter, but if you don't have any fancy lights for photography when the sun is out, take photos. I also like to plan my photos beforehand, (while the weather isn't good), so I know exactly how to lay my props out ready to take the photos once there is suitable weather.


I took part in Blogmas a few years ago and it was hard work! Don't lose sight that it's still Christmas. It only comes once a year so enjoy the festive fun and don't spend all your time in front of a computer screen.

I hope this has helped anybody who is thinking of taking part in Blogmas, and inspired those to do so who wasn't. Let me know in the comments below if you're taking part, and your favourite types of festive posts you like to write and/or read. If you use any of these ideas, leave a link below, I'd love to see!