Ted Baker 'A Touch Of Luxury' | Review

Wednesday 17 June 2015

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ted baker a touch of luxury bath and body collection

I have done the unthinkable. I have done something that we have been taught from a young age never to do; I judged a book by its cover. On my monthly visit to Boots stocking up on my necessities, I was deciding which body wash to purchase (I'm usually a Soap and Glory/Sanctuary Spa kinda girl), and in the distance sat on the shelf, I saw a rose gold tipped bottle. My decision had been made. In case you haven't guessed what I am talking about from the title or the photographs, I am in fact talking about Ted Baker's new bath and body range 'A Touch Of Luxury'.

Personally, I think it's very easy to identify Ted Baker products; beautiful pastel floral designs, and this collection is no different. The washes are illustrated with a watercolour like floral design and decorated with rose gold details engraved with the famous 'T'. I don't know if it is normal to have a favourite tub design, but the body soufflé is mine. It is very minimal in colour, and I just love the geometric and linear construction.

ted baker a touch of luxury pink whipped body souffle ted baker a touch of luxury body wash

The collection comes in two scents, soft floral notes of jasmine and neroli, with a base of patchouli, sandalwood and musk, identified in the pink packaging, and a blend of fruity top notes with violet, and a base combination of sweet yet soft vanilla, patchouli and amber, identified in the green packaging. The scents really do smell luxurious; you get a blend of all the notes so they are not your typical floral or fruity scents. The scents are both very different so whether you're a floral person or fruity person, you'll have something you'll love. For me, it's definitely the floral scent.

I am so in love with @ted_baker bath and body collection 'A Touch Of Beauty' #bbloggers

The body washes lather well with very little product, which I'm sure is a must for everybody. The scent is very apparent during the wash but becomes very subtle after use, but the overall moisture on the skin is very visible leaving your body smooth and soft. The scent of body soufflé, on the other hand, lasts on your skin for hours. The soufflé doesn't leave your skin sticky or heavy, and it's very nourishing. As these products come as a set, using both products together is the best combination. One thing I really love about this set is the scent of both the body wash and soufflé smells the same, as many times when products have the same scent, the body wash tends to smell more soapy and liquidy, compared to the concentration of the soufflé. I opted for the body soufflé instead of the body lotion, as I've always known soufflé to be much creamier, though I can't officially say this about the body lotion as I am yet to try it.


'A Touch Of Luxury' is a definitive name for this collection. Everything is so considered whether it's the packaging, the combination of scents, or the products available. Comparing the cost of these products to others around the similar price mark, these are definitely a higher value product. If you love to pamper yourself, or are looking for a new wash set, I'd definitely recommend these. Just inhale the scents and I'm sure the only place you'll be putting it is in your basket.

Let me know in the comments below if you're a floral or fruity scented person. If you have tried any of these products, let me know what you think.