30 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Blogs

Wednesday 18 March 2015

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blog post ideas for lifestyle blogs

It can be frustrating when you want to write a blog post, but have run out of ideas, which is what happened to me at the start of this year. I thought about the posts I was writing and they all seem to be very similar, which is great for continuity, but can get a little boring to read and even write. When I did come up with ideas, I used to just write down notes on my phone or on loose pieces of paper which would just end up lost or forgotten, so being the new super organised person, I started writing my ideas down in a book; or as I like to call it 'A Long List Of Blogging Topics & Ideas.' Here are 30 post ideas, taken from my book, to help you lifestyle bloggers.

Lifestyle blogger! @helloaycan has put together the best blog post ideas ever! #lbloggers

  1. A Guide to ____ (everybody is always looking for inspiration so this is a good type of post to help)
  2. A practical list of things to do by the age ____ (aim it towards your next milestone. could even make it a bucketlist)
  3. Things that really annoy me (everybody loves a good ranting session)
  4. Hand your blog over (whether it's another blogger or just a friend)
  5. Links I love (a blog, Instagram or other websites)
  6. Things I believed when I was younger (add a photo montage)
  7. Write a letter to your older/younger self (what advice would you give yourself?)
  8. Dear ____ (write an open letter to someone dead or alive, famous or personal)
  9. Things I couldn't live without (think outside the technology box)
  10. Stop a week of weakness (document the new changes)
  11. Excuses I always make (we all do them; let's share)
  12. Tips on ____ (share your wisdom with the world)
  13. How to find inspiration (share your thought process)
  14. Let's talk about ____ (choose a topic that's got you talking this week)
  15. Music playlist (your favourite songs to dance along to in your bedroom, or your workout playlist)
  16. Motivational Monday / Quotes that will change your life (give someone that little motivational boost)
  17. Take one photo every hour (if you love Instagram this one is for you)
  18. Dealing with ____ (this could be something personal or not so)
  19. Life lessons you could learn from ____ (could be a character from your favourite tv show, or a celebrity)
  20. Things that annoy me about me (we all do things we wish we could change)
  21. Failures and successes (share your highs and lows)
  22. Guilty pleasures (we all have them and we all love reading about them)
  23. 10 different ways to use ____ (make it as random as you like)
  24. Things that make me happy / A reflection on life (think about all the positives in your life)
  25. Places I want to visit (we all have that bit of wanderlust inside us)
  26. A 30 day challenge (could be a weekly update or an overall 30 day)
  27. How to keep motivated and productive (share your best tips)
  28. My favourite ____ (this could be about a billion and one things)
  29. I knew it was going to be a bad day when ____ (help make a bad day a little better)
  30. A list of blogging topics (see what else you can come up with)

If you get writers block, take some time away and think about topics you want to write about, and use the ideas above as just a guideline. Once you start thinking up one idea, they just keep coming.

Let me know in the comments below what's your favourite topic to write about. If you use any of these ideas, please link them below, I'd love to read them!