Snow Angel | Lush Review

Wednesday 10 December 2014

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lush christmas snow angel bath melt

Put down the wrapping paper. Step away from the decorations and get yourself into a nice relaxing Lush bath. While I was in Lush, I was shown the entire new Christmas range, and the only product (except snow fairy of course) I kept going back to was Snow Angel. It was the sweet, marzipan smell that had me enticed; it sort of reminded me of a Christmas biscuit.

lush christmas snow angel bath melt in bath lush christmas snow angel bath melt in bath

'Snow Angel' from @lushltd reminds me of the perfect christmas cookie #lush

It's shaped like a snow angel (well what else), and is a bath melt so you just pop it into your bath and watch it melt away. As it is Christmas and this is from Lush, the bottom is coated in a thick layer of gold glitter, which has gotten pretty much everywhere. Ingredients include rose absolute, which helps balance and restore, and benzoin resinoid, which creates the warm and sweet perfumed scent. There's also organic cocoa butter that leaves you with a softening and conditioning feeling, perfect during this cold weather. As you pop it into your bath, the melt slowly dissolves into a white cloud of soft foam. The foam literally covers your body into a coat of smooth and silky heaven; it's just so comforting! The smell isn't too overpowering, it completely relaxes you. This also means you can combine it with a bath bomb which compliments the melt to add to your bathing experience. Even once you have dried off, your body is still left smooth, and you still have a slight scent of that gorgeous marzipan. Oh and the glitter doesn't stay on you, it just leaves a lovely glittery ring around your bath, which is easily washed off.


I love this bath melt! It's the perfect product to relax and sooth your body during this stressful and cold time. Even if you're buying it as a gift, everyone will enjoy the scent as it's nothing too pungent. I'd definitely recommend on your next visit to Lush, you pop one of these into your basket, or become the perfect friend/family member and share it as a Christmas gift.

I'm preparing my Christmas list, so let me know in the comments below what is your favourite product from the Lush Christmas range.